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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of February 2015

Aries: You went through a rocky period, but things are about to take a different turn and it all depends on you. You need to take a decision to do things differently.

Taurus: Instead of just walking through an unknown path, it’s much better to have things planned and clear. This is when all the magic takes place!

Gemini: You can spend endless hours trying to make something perfect or you can just go ahead with it and do some tweaks along the way. Remember, there’s no such thing as perfect and you’ll only learn as you go.

Cancer: Are you feeling shy around new people? We recommend you spend some time observing, but not too long though, and then show them how sociable you can be. You might end up making new friends who will stick around for quite some time.

Leo: Dynamic duos do it best! Keep that in mind and make sure to work on pending things creatively with someone you truly value. It could be your husband, boyfriend, a close friend or a family member.

Virgo: Before taking action and putting your effort into making things work, we suggest you give planning some extra time to do things in the speediest and of course best way possible.

Libra: If they’re beginning to ignore you, show them why they can’t afford to do that. You’ve always been a star, but sometimes you need to back up your talk with action to prove them wrong.

Scorpio: Learn to follow your intuition and listen to that inner voice of yours, it’s usually right and knows what it’s talking about.

Sagittarius: Keep two types of people around you. The first should be ones who can add value to your business and career path, and the second who can add value to your personal life, helping you see things from different perspectives.

Capricorn: You might come across an unexpected surprise, and if you do, make sure you look across old data, whether emails or bills, the answer will be there.

Aquarius: Learn from people around you and listen to them closely. When you’re in doubt on what you need to do, you’ll always find the right handed in to you by the wise ones.

Pisces: Time for a reality check! Do some soul searching and find out what you’d like to change and do it now. You can’t put up with unneeded drama just because you wouldn’t want to hurt another person. It’s as simple as that.

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