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Lifestyle Header image article main weekly horoscope first week of january 2014

| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of January 2014

Aries: This week you need to make sure you're on top of your feelings or else they might lead you to some serious drama. Try to have your brain take control and most of all, just think before you act.

Taurus: You'd like to have things go your own way in order for them to be perfect however, that's not always the case. Lose control and try to be more creative, and you'll discover that things will turn out perfectly.

Gemini: You like to lead the way and this week your leadership skills will be put to some serious tests. Make sure you're firm about whatever decision you're going to take.

Cancer: We know it's going to be hectic for you, juggling between all sorts of commitments, but try to give priority to the people who really need you and matter to you the most.

Leo: You're constantly trying to be everything people need you to be, but that's just emotionally exhausting, isn't it? Try to take a step back and just give yourself the time and space you need and deserve.

Virgo: Thinking too much of what the future may hold isn't always a good idea, especially when you're over-thinking. Try to relax and take each day at a time, no one knows what's coming up next.

Libra: Up for a challenge? Well, we're sure you are but you need to leave your emotional burst aside to be able to score really high.

Scorpio: You're about to make an exit from something that has been going on in your life for a long time now. But before you leave, just give it one last try.

Sagittarius: People are following your footsteps this week and you're quite the inspiration for them. Make sure you're being a good example for them!

Capricorn: You're a bit torn between two hard decisions and have no clue which one to pick. We suggest you talk to a few close people in your life who could help shed the highlight on the pros and cons.

Aquarius: There's too much going on in your head and you're tempted to let it all out. If it makes you feel better, then you should just share what's been occupying your mind for a while now.

Pisces: This week it's all about passion, mystery and flirtation. All of which really work in your favor and that gives you several options to pick from.

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