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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of January 2015

Aries: Working hard and pushing the people around you is what you’ll be doing best this week. You’ll also discover a very interesting side in someone close to you.

Taurus: Don’t try too hard to impress others around you, your work should speak for itself. Make sure you also give credit where credit is due.

Gemini: No irrational decisions this week! Take your time to think things through to save yourself the hassle of regretting things later down the line.

Cancer: Feeling the urge to couple up? If you’re single, then pay close attention to the potentials around you, but make sure not to fall easily. If you’re in a relationship, then we advise you to plan some fun activities with your partner, something to get you even closer.

Leo: Some people fear you, because you tend to give that ‘I’m too strong to handle’ attitude. Try to step it down a notch to eliminate that barrier. It’ll only be in your best interest.

Virgo: Enough observing already. No one likes a talker who points out everything wrong with the world, what they like, is a doer who takes matters into their own hands and tries to fix things.

Libra: When in doubt, take advice from the people you trust the most. Don’t spend time over-thinking things on your own, but share it with the ones who would understand what’s going on inside of you and would be able to help you out.

Scorpio: You don’t feel emotionally stable? If that’s the case, then we suggest investing some time in yourself and your own well-being. You can’t go wrong with that!

Sagittarius: Slowly but surely? No, that won’t work for you this week. If you’re into someone, you’ll suddenly get a drive to speed things up a bit. We recommend you only do that if you know that person pretty well.

Capricorn: You’re on fire, whether career wise or socially. Use this week for some efficient networking and stay in touch with people close to your heart.

Aquarius: One minute you’re in, the next one you’re out. You can’t go from left to right with that speed or else you’ll end up hurting the people around you. Try to stabilize things just a bit.

Pisces: Motivation comes in many forms and your ability to transfer that to the people around you is priceless. You’re also able to get a YES on whatever you ask for this week, all you need to do is use your charming smile and the right words.

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