Aries: As we mentioned last week you have a lot going on in your life and starting mid-week things will start to take a small twist. Take it step by step and make sure you keep yourself pampered, as you wouldn't want to give yourself during that time any less attention.

Taurus: If you haven't been doing enough networking and socializing lately, then you should start to do so soon. It'll certainly come in handy to know new people and open up new doors for yourself.

Gemini: Time for new goals! Take a moment and think about what you would like to achieve and where you want to be in a few months from now.

Cancer: We all know you tend to try and please people around you, but this week things are about to change. It's time to think of yourself and shine!

Leo: Get you're creativity rolling, this week is the perfect time for it. If you've been having some problems lately, doing something special will certainly lift you up again.

Virgo: Don't automatically friend-zone everyone around you, just give them a chance, perhaps things might work out with someone who has been trying to approach you for the longest time.

Libra: Work hard and success will come along. Don't just dream big but more importantly do your very best and you'll see amazing results.

Scorpio: Easy come, easy go! Want something, then work for it, it'll come step by step, maybe slowly but at least the progress will be steady. Don't forget to network!

Sagittarius: We've said it before, you're a free spirit, but you're not the only one! Live and let others do the same, after all the best way to go with is to understand what the close people around you need the most.

Capricorn: Do you feel lost? Not sure where you belong anymore or who you should hang out with? Don't worry about it for too long, things will change very soon! Just take a look around you and you'll find very exciting people to add to your life.

Aquarius: Not able to concentrate properly like you usually do? Time is money! Get your act together and start working twice as hard and you'll soon get into the needed mood.

Pisces: Have you been dancing on the rope and not knowing which option to pick? Don't be hesitant, time for that important decision...