Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of June 2013

Fustany Team
6/16/13, 12:00 AM

Aries: Have you been dealing with a friend (girl) who has been causing you lots of drama and stress in your life? It's time to be the wiser one and offer some peace.

Taurus: Guess what? You're super charismatic this week. If you have a proposal or an important pitch to make, then this is the time to sweep them off of their feet.

Gemini: Keep an eye open for the strong female friends in your life, someone who's somehow influential and you might get lots of benefits working with them. Approach them on a friendly basis.

Cancer: Have a huge favor to ask for? It's hard for anyone to refuse it and don't be afraid to come off as too pushy, this week you're getting away with it.

Leo: How about playing the listener's role this week? It certainly makes you feel good when the closest people to your heart are in great shape.

Virgo: Social butterfly much? It's now time to shine and go do some networking, maybe you'll make some good friends out of it or even a great business deal, you never know until you try!

Libra: You're known for being a strong character, but leave that aside for some time, while you go through an important conversation with someone you could potentially end up with. Keep it straight and be diplomatic.

Scorpio: Have you been holding on some news about yourself for a while now? It's time for a little bit of truth and courage and let the important people in your life know about it.

Sagittarius: You'll start feeling a strong sparkle towards someone who has recently entered your life, go for it and don't hesitate. It's time for things to get a little bit more exciting!

Capricorn: Time for some commitments, especially when it comes to relationships, you'll soon be taking it one step further.

Aquarius: Hate routine? Well, you should spice it up a bit and make things more exciting, which would result in some serious happiness surrounding you.

Pisces: You're a sensitive person and being romantic is something you truly enjoy. Now start spotting the candidates who would work perfectly for that!


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Fustany Team

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Fustany.com is a fashion & lifestyle portal by Arab women for
arab women to inspire them to live a life full of creativity.

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