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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of May 2015

Aries: Get ready for some harmless flirtation, as your playful side is about to make an appearance. Just be sure who it’s directed towards.

Taurus: This week it’s all about slowing down and re-evaluating. Appreciate the quiet and peace while it lasts.

Gemini: As much as you love breaking the rules and doing things your own way, it’s not always for the best. Our advice to you, is to master the rule before you break it.

Cancer: Someone you haven’t seen for a long while is about to make a sudden reappearance. Don’t be fooled by the fond memories and get too carried away.

Leo: It’s time for a reunion! Call up all your old friends that you haven’t spoken to for a while and get together for some catching up.

Virgo: You’ve got some free time on your hand this week, and it's not just for a day or two. Travel somewhere exciting or even learn something new.

Libra: Don’t be discouraged by all the negativity around you. Just block it all out and you’ll be able to focus and reach your full potential.

Scorpio: Try to handle the things around you a bit more carefully till your clumsy phase fades away for minimal damage.

Sagittarius: You always speak your mind without thinking, which shows how honest you are. But when dealing with people you don’t know that well, watch what you say as it may be twisted around to create unwanted gossip.

Capricorn: No matter how bad things have been, there will always be a tomorrow. Live the moment and look forward to what the future holds.

Aquarius: You’re feeling the urge to meet new people and mingle with others, and that’s exactly what you should do. Just be careful and test the waters before trusting someone too much.

Pisces: This week it’s all about family and friends. The people closest to you are going to be closer than ever and you’re going to love all the attention coming your way.

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