Aries: Expressing the way you feel or being honest and firm about something is usually a great thing. However, this week we recommend you give it more thought before doing that.

Taurus: You usually put others' needs before yours, but this week you need to start thinking of yourself a bit more. Negotiate for a change and try to put your feet down when it comes to something you really want.

Gemini: Money and success are very important to you, and this week you'll be attracting lots of positive vibes for those two.

Cancer: When you fail at something, you try again and again until you get it right. You shouldn't give up on your dream easily.

Leo: Putting tons of effort in getting everyone around you to get along might not always be the best idea. Don't try to force it...

Virgo: Need help with something? Reach out to people and let them give you a helping hand, there's no shame in that!

Libra: Less is sometimes more, and instead of building even further on what you have, try to work and perfect what you have got.

Scorpio: It helps every once in a while to just put all worries behind and connect with your inner self, which is a great way to keep yourself energetic and in shape.

Sagittarius: Bottling up on angry feelings towards someone will not get you anywhere, as a matter of fact it'll only make you resent that person even more. How about talking to them about it when something bothers you instead?

Capricorn: Focus this week on working on your weaknesses, which will help you become the strong person you'd like to be.

Aquarius: You're confused and might have lost focus a bit. How to overcome that? Try reaching out to a close friend who can help direct you towards the right path.

Pisces: You're full of outstanding talents, and this week it's time to bring them out. In no time you'll be in the spotlight...