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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of November 2014

Aries: Putting the pieces together that have been puzzling you for quite some time isn’t easy, but once you take the step and do it, you’ll be able to finally move on.

Taurus: If you don’t like what you’re seeing when it comes to a relationship or a friendship, then it’s time to change it. Also, be honest about how you feel especially this week!

Gemini: You need to bring more structure into your life or else you’ll end up being exhausted from the number of projects you take on without being able to properly finish them.

Cancer: If you haven’t been giving yourself the needed attention, then it’s time to do so now. Dig deep into your wardrobe and get rid of what no longer suits you, take some time off to pamper yourself and try out new sports.

Leo: Lack of quality time with the ones you love is what’s making you feel a bit down lately. Think about it, do you need to spend more time with your mother or sister or even a close relative you really bond with? Then do it now!

Virgo: Time to partner up with people who truly mean what they say, and it’s never too late to step out of an agreement where you’re not really getting what you deserve out of it.

Libra: There’s no reason whatsoever why you would to complicate things for the people around you. Simplicity is the best way to go and keeps away the drama.

Scorpio: Have something big to reveal but not sure when you should do it? Try it out this week!

Sagittarius: There’s so much on your plate and it’s time to say a big fat NO to whatever isn’t a priority or is just using up your energy. This will give you more time for yourself and the option to say yes to the ones who actually deserve it.

Capricorn: If you’re just joining them to feel needed and not because you really enjoy it, then this is a very wrong kind of relationship for you. You’ll feel it more and more down the line.

Aquarius: Time to put your relaxation time aside and work twice as hard as you did before. It’s now or never!

Pisces: Do you really mean what you just said? You’ll be asked to prove it, are you ready for that?

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