Aries: This week you're well exposed to new and exciting things you've been longing for, think family members and events. Our advice is to enjoy your time to the fullest and it won't hurt to go a bit wild.

Taurus: A hard week indeed and you feel exhausted emotionally but unfortunately there's no much time to sit down and relax. Try to keep it together and keep yourself busy, that's the best way for you.

Gemini: You've been working very hard lately but it seems that your efforts are not paying off perfectly. Try to look at things differently, that might help to get better results.

Cancer: Time for some vacation that might be mixed with work, but who cares as long as it's going to be fun.

Leo: Bored? It's time to spice up things a bit, pick a fun adventure and just go for it. It'll certainly be refreshing!

Virgo: Confidence is about to knock on your door once more. Use it wisely whether at work or with someone you've been into for a long time, but didn't have the courage to speak up.

Libra: Words sometimes just come out of your mouth without thinking twice, which might hurt the people around you. Instead, try to think a bit about it to show how much you care.

Scorpio: You're trying very hard to get a second chance at something you once lost. Our advice to you is to try a bit less, let things take their natural course.

Sagittarius: Just leave all the extra work behind, this week you have to enjoy yourself and worry less about deadlines. Doable?

Capricorn: Travel, work, good company and great food pretty much sums up how you enjoy life. Keep that in mind when planning a fun night out.

Aquarius: Don't expect opportunities to come knocking on your door, instead work your way to them smartly.

Pisces: A week to just have fun and mingle with people you love, sounds awesome right? Don't waste a moment thinking about anything negative though.