Aries: They say you can only see the stars when it gets dark. Ponder on this phrase, for you might discover new prospects.

Taurus: Looks can be deceiving, but actions are as clear as the blue sky.

Gemini: Lovers are flowing your way, but you need to be vigilant for a wrong choice will impact the rest of your journey.

Cancer: Time is of the essence. Make sure you make the most of the hours in the day or life will be the master of time, not you.

Leo: You attract what you preach. Think about the vibes you are sending off, because that is what you will receive from your surroundings.

Virgo: Deep down you know the reason behind your complaints. Try taking matters into your hands and find a solution instead.

Libra: A friend in need is a friend indeed, for it takes a real friend to ask for help, and it takes a real friend to drop everything to be there.

Scorpio: Stereotypes are not rules! Think for yourself and never assume.

Sagittarius: The power of focusing is simple yet extremely effective, so take the time to figure out exactly how to carry this out.

Capricorn: Feeling a little side swept lately? Just slide back to where you think you deserve to be and prove yourself.

Aquarius: All types of lies are unacceptable, and remember once you say a lie or even accept one, it is all downhill from there.

Pisces: The stars have dispersed which is why things may seem a little messy lately. Try to put things back into focus.