Aries: It's definitely a super active week for you.Sagittarius: Get rid of all the negative thoughts. Cancer: You're little miss sunshine this week

Aries: It's definitely a super active week for you, think sports and working out which will have a great impact on you!

Taurus: An interesting twist takes place this week, you meet someone who will bring a totally new perspective on how you see things.

Gemini: Work hard and play harder, that's your motto! Make sure you push an extra mile this week to seal the deal.

Cancer: You're little miss sunshine this week and when you're in a great mood you can do wonders, hold on to that!

Leo: Positive thoughts attract good karma! Keep that in mind and you'll love the things coming along the way.

Virgo: There's nothing better for you than spending time with friends who make you laugh, and that's exactly what you should be doing this week!

Libra: Keep on pushing and eventually you'll get there. Giving up shouldn't be an option for you!

Scorpio: When in doubt, think about it twice. You wouldn't want to take a huge decision that could change your life in just a second, now would you?

Sagittarius: Get rid of all the negative thoughts in your head and that's the only way you'll be able to turn your life around. Take our word for it!

Capricorn: It's about time you give yourself the proper attention you need. Life isn't all about work, but dedicate some time to enjoy the other things in life and perhaps some pampering as well?

Aquarius: If he isn't that serious about you, then why should you waste your time with him? You deserve much better than that.

Pisces: Being naive won't get you anywhere. Yes, it's nice to treat people in a great way, but it's also a must to keep boundaries until you know they are trustworthy.