Aries: Lots of distractions around you and you can’t seem to get a clear vision. Try to think of the origin of that problem, get on it, analyze and solve it.

Taurus: We know you like to treat yourself to beautiful things, but careful there beautiful, you need to calculate things wisely.

Gemini: Whoever gets close to you enjoys your company a lot, until you decide to switch between moods and that’s when it becomes challenging for them. Slow things down a bit and put some thought into why this switching happens.

Cancer: It’s time to enter a new chapter in your life and perhaps tell someone goodbye, it’s not for good, they’ll be back don’t worry.

Leo: The easy way out is not always the right one. Working hard results in great outcomes.

Virgo: Let your ambitious side do the talking and it’ll be hard to stop you afterwards. You can pretty much reach anything.

Libra: You might think you’re progressing, but we recommend that you give your work another deeper look. Take smart and well calculated steps!

Scorpio: When you’re in your mysterious mood it becomes hard for others to read you. Is that what you really want?

Sagittarius: Be fair to the people around you. You might be a bit too hard on some who don’t really deserve it and too kind with others who aren’t there for you when you actually need them.

Capricorn: Getting stuck in the same place is one of the things that happen to you a little bit too often. Think of creative ways to get out of there, and we suggest some serious actions.

Aquarius: It’s time to get more socially active. Meet new people, attend cool events, instead of just staying in the same place. It helps to move around!

Pisces: It’s a dreamy period for you, but it’s also time to turn that creativity into something tangible everyone around you can actually feel.