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Bardees, the Egyptian Designer Known for Her Use of Abstract Art on Clothes

We visited Bardees at her atelier and had a long talk about fashion and art, after taking a look at her new F/W19 collection. We were very interested to know the story behind her signature designs inspired by her passion for 'when art meets fashion'. Bardees collaborated with Egyptian Abstract artist Ashraf Reda. His artwork's combination of Bright colors, calligraphy, and abstraction found a place on her clothes, making it her signature. Read more of our interview with Bardees...


Please introduce yourself.

I'm Bardees Ahmed Gamal an Egyptian Fashion designer.

Has fashion always been a passion of yours? Was it always part of your plan growing up?

I have always had a passion for well designed clothes and bags. However, becoming a fashion designer was not on my agenda until 2011. I was working in tourism and the market slowed down, so I found myself going to fashion school and opening my own atelier and working on my first collection. 


It is very apparent in your designs that you are inspired by a more abstract take on fashion, can you talk about that and where do you find most of your inspiration?

Art and exquisite craftsmanship has always been part of my up bringing. I was raised to appreciate art and antiques. I am inspired by local and international artists. My all time favorite is Tunisian artist Nja Mahdaoui, his work is colorful and bold. I believe his work is a beautiful marriage between abstract and Islamic art.

Your love for mixing colors is evident in many of your designs, which color combinations do you love most or what combinations do you feel are the most unexpected but totally work?

It is true that I love mixing colors. However, I like to mix complementary colors for a vibrant contrast. I use the color theory for inspiration, and it totally works every single time.


Your spring wrap dress with your signature print was worn by Arwa Gouda at the Gouna Film Festival, was it especially picked out for her or was it a personal buy on her end?

Arwa is a beautiful soul, she personally picked the dress from the SS18 collection. It is a pleasure to dress such a beautiful actress.

Where did the idea of having the Metro print and railway line on a shirt emerge from?

The Metro print was not a new idea, lot's of cities around the world use their public transport logos on T-shirts. I wanted to be the first designer to introduce the idea in Egypt.

Describe the 3 words you would use to describe your label and what you want people to describe it as.

I would like my customers to perceive my label as unique, colorful and artistic. We are committed in developing unique prints for the fabric used in our designs. We do that through collaborations as well as designing our own prints.

What about your personal taste, what do you love to wear and what style has always inspired you? Any favorite global designers you look up to?

Fendi and Moschino are my favorite designers, they always manage to stand out from the crowd and they are committed to colorful patterns.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @bardees

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