You've probably seen that pink logo of Hers Gym all around Cairo. More importantly, women seem to always be heading there for a workout, so we decided to have a quick chat with Caro Doss, Marketing Manager of Hers Gym, to get to know a little bit more about Hers Gym.

There are already a lot of gyms in Cairo, what made you decide to open Hers Gym?

The founders Ismail Atef and Mohamed Zayed, knew that Egyptian women need something more private to feel more comfortable working out. They get to wear what they want, truly train and give it their all without any hint of worry.

What gave them the idea to include a nail salon in all of Hers Gym branches?

They wanted our members to get everything done here. She works out, chills in the Jacuzzi, takes a shower, gets her nails done and she is good to go. She won’t need to make several stops before going home. And this is convenient taking Cairo's traffic into consideration.

A piece of advice you would give to a woman who is insecure with her body.

As cliche as it may sound, every woman should know that she is beautiful and she has to be confident about herself. It is not only about the looks, of course your body is very important and you need to take care of it, but your health should come first. It is not about having the perfect body, it is about having and leading a healthy lifestyle, that is what really counts.

She needs to know she is beautiful, but she also needs to work on her body, to be healthy, having the looks is just a bonus.

What do you think Hers Gym represents to all women?

Their home. The place where they feel comfortable, free, happy, energetic. It is definitely their energy booster.

Tell us a common misconception about health and fitness.

That it is a trend. Health and fitness should be a lifestyle, and people should practice it regularly, not just because it is trending.

What’s the best health and fitness advice you can give a woman?

I think if you decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is not only about following a diet, or doing a workout, it is both. It is not about restricting yourself from certain foods, it is about eating healthy and clean. You need to do both at the same time. If you do one and you don’t do the other, you will never reach your goal. You really need to take care of what you eat and workout, tried and tested by myself.

What tip can you offer women when getting dressed for a workout?

We love Reebok, it is our main partner, and we love its collection; it is very unique and very colorful. It is an energy booster, you feel energized wearing it, and it is also of great quality. Women should definitely wear colors, not just stick with the blues and greys. As you can see from the walls in Hers Gym, it is all about colors, and motivational words.

Self empowerment is…

Believing in yourself.

Leggings or Yoga pants? Yoga pants.  T-shirts or Tanks? Tanks.

Should women always wear sports bras when working out?

I think sports bras are really comfortable, and very convenient for working out.

What is one thing you think women should know about working out?

That lifting weights will not make you bulky at all, everyone has to take this into consideration.

Tell us a little about the variety of fitness classes you offer?

You will never miss a class. From belly dancing to jumping, we believe everyone is interested in something, so we would like to cater all the preferences of all women.

What is next for Hers Gym?

RISE, let’s just say rise and stay tuned for more!

A piece of advice you would give someone who is about to sign up to Hers Gym?

We want you to try Hers Gym, so we encourage every woman to come and attend our coming event, RISE. Let all Egyptian women rise. We are seeking to empower every woman through this event, and through fitness. If she comes, she will get a little taste of Hers Gym.