Labib El Choufani, a social media entrepreneur whose business world revolves around the Web 2.0, in other words, a Ninja whose powers include delivering messages in less than 140 characters among others.

Introduce yourself.
My name is Labib El Choufani, born and raised in Doha. I did my BA at LAU in "Communication Arts: Radio,TV & Film" then got my Master's degree in "Production Design" at Kingston University, London. Once back from London, I started my social media and PR agency BoboLink. In December 2012, I finished my "Digital marketing" diploma in Dublin where I'm certified to work and teach within the European Union.

What inspired you to be the person you are today?
All the failures I've been through, which were A LOT.

Define success.
Success is passion, and how to achieve your own passion.

Share with us the best piece of advice ever given to you.
My psychoanalysis "Randa Challita" always told me "not believing in oneself, won't make you accomplish your dreams." I'm not sure I'm there yet.

What motivates you?
Challenging myself to become a Social Media Guru within a week (which is NOT possible!)

Tell us a common misconception that people have about what you do.
Most people think Social Media is about having a fan page, that you update every few hours - literally.

Mistakes are...
Free daily course that you "can" or "should" learn from.

Three random things about yourself...
OCD in washing my hands.
I do headstands whenever possible (at least 6 times per day).
I enjoy playing/fighting with kids rather than socializing with adults.

You'll know you've made it when...
I marry Monica Bellucci.