Ali Karoui, a young Tunisian fashion designer, who started to carve the road of success when he first enrolled in ESMOD Tunis in 2003, and graduated in 2005, where he received the laureate of promotion as a stylist. Then he started to make dresses for his friends and clients.

Ali Karoui officially launched his brand in 2012, and it was certainly his lucky year. He always loved fashion since he was really young - the fashion world fascinates him very much. Read along to know more about Ali Karoui, the Tunisian fashion designer that Arab celebrities are currently loving.

If you weren’t a fashion designer you would be…

I would be a costume designer, because I always wanted to work at one of the biggest cabarets in the world such as Lido and Moulin Rouge.

In three words, describe the style of clothes you design.

Glamorous, refined and sexy.

Who do you look up to as an icon or idol in the fashion world and why?

My idol is Alaïa, to me; he is the mastermind of fashion, cup and details. He sculpts the woman’s body and shape.

How did it feel to find many celebrities wearing Ali Karoui designs at Carthage Film Festival 2015?

It was a great pleasure and honor seeing all these celebrities wearing KLF collection. I was so proud of myself to get this chance to exhibit my dresses, and to show the world what I am capable of. 

How do you want people to see or know about Ali Karoui?

It would be great if people saw how much I am passionate about my work, and how much I love sharing my passion with them, by creating the best fashionable dresses, and achieving a place among the greatest designers in the world.

When designing for an international celebrity and an Arab celebrity, does your approach differ in the design process?

To be honest, not really. Because when they contact me to make them dresses, this means they have confidence in me, and that makes me the happiest man in the world.

One of the dreams of any young designer is that they can one day showcase in one of the major fashion weeks. Which one do you wish to be a part of? New York, London, Milan or Paris and why?

Why not all of them? I hope maybe one day!! But for now, Paris would be magical. A consecration of the sort, Paris is and will always be the capital of fashion and the dream of all designers. 

In your opinion, who is the most stylish celebrity ever?

Haifa Wehbe, who else!

What would you advise girls when choosing evening dresses?

For an evening dress, I would advise girls to be simple and chic - the cut and fabric are very important too