Amina Khalil is a bright Egyptian talent. The rising actress hasn’t been in the industry for long, but she surely made quite an impression on people. Amina Khalil's unique character and self-confidence reflected on her looks, and we see her as one of the very hip, yet very sweet Egyptian girls. We certainly can't wait to see more of Amina Khalil, and we just had a quick and fun chat with her, so read along...

When we asked her to introduce herself, this is what she said: 

I am a little girl who loves to run barefoot on the beach, has imaginary friends, who’s in love with Woody Allen, Ellen DeGeneres and reads Vogue magazine.

Tell us more about your acting career.

I still have a long way to go, I've barely started, really. I’m blessed to have worked with such influential people already. I love this industry, it’s all I know and love.

You’re a ballerina! Did this help you become a better actress?

Yes, ballet has given me physical awareness, which is crucial to consider when you are building a character. It helped me know every muscle. I haven’t danced in years, but I substituted it with yoga. 

Would you rather dance or act?

I wish I could do both, simultaneously. 

An acting role that scares you, but you’d definitely take it as a challenge.

Someone's life story, because I feel that I'd need to pull through to that person’s standard and really have to give justice to bring that character to life.

A movie that you never get bored of watching.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love watching silly romantic comedies, because they put me in a good mood. 

Let’s play pretend… You live in the 50’s and you’re a famous actress, who are you? And who’s the actor in the leading role with you, and what’s the name of the name of movie?

I'd be Soad Hosny, in front of Omar Sharif, in a film called "The Last Night in Paris."

We couldn’t help but notice that you have a great fashion sense! So, describe your personal style in three words.

Eclectic, edgy and relaxed.

We’ve seen you lately supporting many Egyptian designers. Who’s your favorite designer, and which dress you loved the most?

I’ve never worn her dresses before, but Yasmin Yeya is one of the most amazing Egyptian wedding dress designers of all time. I also love Norine Farah, she rocks. 

Describe the perfect gentleman.

A man who makes me laugh out loud, who understands me without me having to say anything, who takes me on dates and still manages to make me feel like it's our first, and who is good with my parents.

Tell us about one New Year’s resolution that you just can’t stick to every year.

To stop eating so late at night, I can’t help but crave melted cheese sandwiches. Melted cheese is like a crazy ex-boyfriend I can’t breakup with (laughs). We have a love/hate relationship.

Can you share with us one happy moment you had in 2015, and would love to capture forever?

I was giving a talk at AUC for ISLC a few months back, and I was blown away by the reaction when I walked on stage. More than 1500 people stood up and clapped, I felt like I was going to cry. 

What is the motivation that keeps you going every day?

My family; to make them proud.

Photo Credits: Bilo Hussein