We’re all big fans of Christian Louboutin's amazing work. A very interesting and fun personality and that certainly reflects on his designs.  

When did it all start?
I was always interested in design and art. I was a child and I was walking with my mother and noticed a sign that had an X through a pair of high heels, because of the uneven ground. This image stuck with me and I knew from that point the designing footwear would be in my future.
What inspires you while designing for previous and the latest collection?
I travel a great deal and am constantly sketching. I am often asked if I have a central theme, like fashion designers, that I follow for each collection and I don’t – as you can see from my designs there are themes but not a single one.

We normally wouldn't concentrate much on a website during an interview, but yours is by far the most entertaining and youthful website we have ever seen. Tell us a bit more how you contributed on the creative level for Christianlouboutin.com?

I am very involved in all aspects of my business. We have kept the operations small and most of my team has been with me from the start of the company. I participated in the development of the theme and as you can see, I am featured heavily on the site. The Internet is an important vehicle today – people are engaged online much more than before, e-commerce is a large source of revenue, in spite of the fact we are aggressively battling counterfeiting with a site called stopfakelouboutin.com, and it your presence is an extension of the look and feel of the  brand. We want clients to be entertained and inspired when they log on.
An off the topic question: We know you love to visit the Middle East often; do you have a favorite oriental food?
We were just in Beirut recently at this amazing Lebanese restaurant by the water. I enjoy the Middle Eastern cuisine very much and particularly like the mezes.
Describe your personal style in three words.
Relaxed and colourful. I also love hats.
If you had to choose another career than being a fashion designer, what would it be?
Probably an artist.
Do you have a favorite designer?
My favourite designer of all time was Yves Saint Laurent. I loved his aesthetic, the way he took a masculine look and made it incredibly sexy and feminine. There are many designers I admire and call great friends.
What do you find to be your biggest accomplishment?
Making women feel sexy, beautiful and confident with my shoes.