This brand caught my attention just by the name ElRetro. The thing about the retro style is that it can be mistaken for old, or at least not in keeping with the current fashion styles. Well, I can say full heartedly that with this brand, people will never be mistaken. ElRetro is a brand where creativity has no limit, it has defined it's own persona that revolves around the world. Fierce, rebellious, smart are just a few ways to define this manifestation of a contemporary retro for the young and fashion forward women. As the world moves forward, it's only natural that fashion takes those steps to. Farewell to the conventional, and hello to the empowerment through a free and artistic expression of clothes. ElRetro offers you a creative concept, not just a garment. They have provided us retro lovers with an open window to style our wildest dreams and mold them into a reality. A young Emirati brand founded by two innovative friends inspired by the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s and 50’s, it was bound to end up as evocative as can possibly be. With such a line who needs statement accessories? Colorful, fun and adaptable to any style out there. Whether eclectic, edgy or even boho chic, ElRetro will complete the look you are going for. 


How did you guys meet and what made you decide to produce such an evocative brand of clothing?

We’ve met in 2009 and since then our relationship has started to evolve because of the so many common things we share such as our passion for arts and culture, architecture, design and obviously fashion. Well, as young women, we look at fashion as a key component of our DNA because it reflects our values and regulates how we come across in our societies.  And while all styles have their own stories to tell, the retrospective spirit in fashion commands attention because designs from various previous areas and specifically between mid late 30s up to the 80s were attached to social liberation, individualism and expression. So in very few words, our admiration for bows, collars, vibrant colors, puffy shoulders, structured cuts and of course the influence of our growing creative culture have all helped in conceiving ElRetro line.

What is your favorite piece?

Oh all, but we can’t get enough of the Arabia Bow. It's girly and very 80!

Which item did you have the most fun working on?

Absolutely the execution of the musketeer roll blazer and blouse.  It was our first piece to execute and the most challenging one. Seeing your design coming to life i.e. no longer a concept - is one thrilling experience!

If you could offer the Fustany readers a fashion tip, what would it be?

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to put on what you love. Two things for your spring and summer closet, polka dots and stripes!

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