How did you decide to become a stylist?
I have always worked for great brands such as Prada, Gucci and at Juicy Couture. I was in a position to work with the collections and promote them with VIPs and celebrities. Sometimes it was selecting key pieces and showing them how to incorporate in their everyday wardrobe and other times it was working with key runway looks for events such as premieres etc.

What is  the biggest challenge of working as a stylist?
Regardless if it’s a celebrity or not, dressing or “styling” people is all about choosing pieces that suit their body, occasion and lifestyle. There is no point of putting someone is skyhigh heels if they can’t walk in them.

Can you tell us more about RR&Co. and which clients you work with?
RR&Co. Bespoke Luxury Management started 4 years ago when I moved to this region. We work exclusively with global luxury brands in helping them successfully adapt in the Middle East region. We are the eyes and ears for many brands - we give them feedback on the ground, assist with buying the collection if needed, mystery shopping, Public Relations etc. Our goal is to ensure that brand guidelines are being followed from Media Relations to Customer Service in the store. We also have a Press showroom, which I call the “luxury hub” we have all the press samples for the brands we work.

Three things you can’t live without?
Starbucks tall skinny latte (I literally have cravings for this!), my Blackberry (to keep connected), my family (I am truly blessed)

What's a key piece that you advise all fashion lovers to own?
A well cut little black dress.

Who’s the person you admire the most for her/his style?
There are some people that have great personal style regardless if they are in daytime or evening wearing they always look immaculate: Queen Rania, Aerin Lauder, and Elizabeth Saltzman. For Men, Tom Ford.

Talk to us more about your weekly segments on Studio One on Dubai One TV...
I have been working with Dubai One for the past 4 years on and off  as a contributor covering Fashion topics and social events.  Last year, they launched a new show called Ask One which was similar to Good Morning America an easy talk show format and I started to come on as the Resident Fashion Expert once a week. The show was such a hit they changed the name to Studio One, got a fabulous new set and the show is on the Hot 100 list 2012. It’s a great opportunity to share my fashion tips, go in the malls and share my recommendations such as Best Picks in Dubai Shopping Festival, How to look chic when travelling etc. I try recommend both international boutiques as well local ones. The team is great and I think we have a great chemistry on set which has made the segment and show successful. 

What do you think of the Middle Eastern fashion scene and do you have any favorite local designers?
I love the local scene here. There are such great boutiques here to shop at such as Sauce, Boom and Mellow etc. I love Dinz’s dark skinny jeans, bags by Mojo, Essa – I am obsessed with! He is so talented, his pieces are unique and he always incorporates his trademark touch.  Indian designer based in Dubai Ayesha Depala, I love her dresses they are so feminine with neutral palettes. Anytime I am aboard people are always stopping me where I got my clothes from. I have Village Mall, Jumeriah on speed dial!