A stylist who always grabs the attention of everyone with how she dresses stars, on the screen and on the red carpet and she strikes again In Ramadan 2020. That is non other than Celebrity stylist Marwa Abdelsamie, the one behind the stunning looks of Dina Elsherbiny and Ahmed Dawood in the series “Luebat Al-Nesyan”. She is considered as one of the first people to work in the field of styling in cinema, commercials, or series, and today we’ll be interviewing her about her latest work with Dina Elsherbiny, the most significant new styling gigs, and her experience in the styling world...

How did you start in the fashion and styling world?

I studied in the Higher Institute of Cinema, animation department, where I learned the details of all the different fields of film making, starting from directing to illustration with all its aspects. In my third year in the institute, I was offered to work as a stylist for the first time in a movie in 1999, and because I'm good at illustrations I liked the idea a lot, and later on decided to continue in this field. At that time, only a few people were working in this field.

Did studying cinema had an impact on your work in the fashion and styling industry with celebrities?

yes! I studied directing, scenario writing, and color styling, which helped me a lot in understanding how a movie or series is made, and how to portray characters on screen in the intended way.

Can you share with us your experience of working with Dina Elsherbiny in Luebat Al-Nesyan series ?

I’ve worked with Dina a couple of times before, and we share a mutual trust in one another, which is why she referred me for the styling of Luebat Al-Nesyan series. I also worked with her in the movie 'Al-Baa’d La Yazhab L Al-Ma’zoun Maratayen' which was supposed to be premiered in cinemas during the Eid vacation but was postponed due to the pandemic.

I’ve noticed that most of the series stars' looks, such as Dina Elsherbiny and Ahmed Dawood's characters, were inspired from their real personalities. How do you coordinate with them to select the perfect looks?

The series is set in a modern era and the roles are very close to reality, therefore outfits were picked according to what suits the stars and the different scenes. We coordinate with the stars by booking fitting appointments several days before the shooting starts. The stars try on all the outfits and pieces purchased for the whole series from head to toe with all the bags, shoes, accessories. These looks are photographed, and then I match every look to the appropriate scene for it from the series.

The bags you picked for Dina Elsherbiny in the series went viral on social media. Who chose these specific pieces and brands for Dina’s looks?

Dina traveled many times before we started shooting the series, and she bought a collection of shoes and bags from her favorite brands during her trips. Then I styled the pieces I liked with the suitable looks, and I borrowed some pieces from her personal wardrobe that fit the personality of 'Roaya' that she was playing in the series.

In your opinion, what are the pieces that determine the success of any look?

I believe that accessories as bags, shoes, and jewelry are the secret that gives any women a glamorous look. You can revamp one look many times with just simple pieces of accessories.

From time to time, you share with your followers some outfit sketches on your Instagram account. Have you ever considered fashion designing?

The sketches I post on my Instagram are in fact my designs, but they’re usually tailored for a movie, series, or a commercial. As I design the outfits based on the type of work I am joining, either it’s historical, show business, or fiction. Not all projects I work use practical or regular wear. Honestly, I don’t prefer to work in fashion designing as it’s very different than the styling field.

Who is the star that you enjoyed working with the most?

I really enjoyed working with Dina Elsherbiny, Donia Samir Ghanem, Dalia Albehery, Menna Shalaby and Yosra El Lozy, as most of them are like friends to me and I like working with them always.

You worked in cinema, TV commercials and initiatives, what was the hardest for you and how were you able to show your talent in it?

Working in commercials is always harder, and this is because the schedule is usually tight and there are several requirements from the director, the agency and the client. My constant success in the field of styling is how I always manage to achieve what I have in mind without too much interventions from those around me.

Which star do you dream of working with?
my dream is to work with Amr Diab.

What is one advice you’d give to girls who want to work in styling?

Working in styling for cinematic work depends on studies not just your fashion sense or your unique styling taste. It’s a part of the movie-making industry, so you have to be fully aware of all its aspects and you have to also train hard for a while. As a beginner, you need to understand how demanding and hard this field is. We, as stylists, work at different hours of the day/night, even during official holidays and the working conditions will probably require you travel abroad for long periods of time.