Everyone has heard of the talented Joelle Mardinian; beauty expert, TV presenter, entrepreneur and brand ambassador of many international products. She knew how to build a name for herself and portray her own style in the world of fashion and beauty, she also managed to receive multiple awards and was named as one of the most successful and influential Arab businesswomen.

We had a quick chat with Joelle Mardinian, as she talked to us about her personal life, beauty tips and what it is like being a beauty expert and so much more. Read the interview below.

Share with us three random facts about you not a lot of people know.

The most thing I do not like to do is tidying up my personal belongings, especially since I lead a very hectic lifestyle and I'm out of the house for long hours. I also have a fear of flying, even though I do travel a lot. So, I would never try any of the activities that involves jumping out of planes. I am also afraid of the dark, and don’t like being home alone or spending the night alone away from my family.

How do you find the perfect balance between work and family?

A lot of people ask me this question. At the beginning of my career, there was no such thing called a weekend, due to my long work schedule. One time I had to travel 18 times in one year. I began to realize that I was missing out on the joys of family life, like my children’s birthday, Halloween, religious holidays, etc. Since then, I decided to spend my weekends with my children and plan it according to whatever they want. Sometimes I am forced to travel on the weekends, however, I try my best to dedicate as much time as I can to my kids. 

Do you love to cook? What’s the dish you enjoy making the most?

I love cooking and I am really good at it. If I had more free time I would spend it cooking meals for my family. I love making all types of pasta, with cheese, salmon, making chicken with curry. I also like to make traditional Lebanese food.

What is the makeup trend you would never ever follow?

I hate the makeup looks that involve the use of many colors. It covers up most of your face, does not look appealing and is not trending nowadays. Kohl/Eyeliner is one of the key features of the Arab women's makeup, and so I like to take the Cleopatra eyeliner as a trademark for this makeup style and use it as a sign or symbol that defines Arab makeup.

Five makeup products you need in your makeup bag?

- Good Day sunblock by Joelle Paris.

- Perfume

- Red lipstick

- Hand cream is always something you will find in my bag. 

- Colored lenses by Freshlook.

Walk us through your daily skincare routine.

Everyday I wash my face with the Joelle Paris product, Wash Away, then I apply the Rescue Mecream, and then I use the Love Eyes eye cream. I also apply the Good Day cream for afternoons. As for my night skincare routines, I repeat the same steps, and apply the Good Night cream before I sleep.

In the Arab world, plastic surgery is a bit controversial. What do you think of it and when do you find it too extreme?

There is a lot of focus on plastic surgery nowadays, so naturally women discuss it and have an interest. Who did botox? Which doctor did the procedure? I notice that nowadays a lot of women in the Arab world can talk publicly about trying out plastic surgery. However, the women in Europe are not open about it, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact a lot of women choose plastic surgery to change their lives.

You are known for your love for fashion and experimenting with it in a fun way. How do you describe your style?

I love fashion, I love to try and experiment and never stick to just one style. 

What’s your guilty shopping pleasure?

I love to buy Hermes bags. I also love my signature scent Chanel No. 5.

What is the most common beauty mistake that Arab women always make?

A lot of Arab women apply heavy makeup, thinking that this hides any skin imperfections. However, if they look closely, they will notice that their skin is tired. I advise every Arab woman to focus to enhance her natural beauty without using heavy makeup products. She can still go for a minimal makeup look, applying eyeliner and blush and look beautiful.

We’ve seen you go from a makeup artist to a TV presenter, a business woman, creative director of an international makeup brand, and an ambassador for many world recognized products… What inspired you throughout the way?

Every single person who supported me, and encouraged me to keep going is the reason I reached where I am today. To me, there is no such thing as impossible, if I didn't reach my goal its because I didn’t work hard enough not because I can’t.

What’s the best advice someone ever gave you?

A lot of people have offered me advice regarding my professional life, however there is one piece of advice that really affected me. That is: Don't look at your work and ask if you like it, but ask what is one thing i can change to make it even better?

You are a very socially active person on Instagram, what is the message you wish to deliver to all your followers?

I think a lot of people out there don’t know the real Joelle, even if they have been watching me for years on television. I have watched many celebrities on TV for years and I don’t know much about them, except regarding their work. Therefore, I decided to try and be different and honest, and show my true self in all aspects of my life. I believe that I have nothing to hide. 

Share with us a moment in your career you cherish the most.

Every moment in my professional career has impacted me. However, the moment I will never forget is when I received the award for business woman of the year handed by Tony Blair. 

What is your dream for Maison de Joelle, Clinica Joelle and Joelle Paris?

For Maison de Joelle, I hope it grows and I want to open up as many branches as I can. I want to invest in a talented team/staff, so they could gain knowledge not just in the beauty field, but also to get them to know all the latest news and trends in the fashion and beauty world.

As for Clinica Joelle, I have been proud of my accomplishment since the moment I opened it. I hope to open up branches for the clinic in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, and other countries in the Middle East. I think Arab women are in need of Clinica Joelle to make a difference in their lives and change it for the better.

As for Joelle Paris, I am working on producing new products to be released in the summer of 2015. The new collection will consist of of hair products that protects it from the after effects of colorine and salt water. The other products are for the skin to protect it from the sun rays and salted water. 

Pick your favorite:

Ice-cream or cotton candy? Ice-cream.

Summer or winter? Summer.

Pink hair or blonde? Pink.

Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe.

London or Paris? London.