We know a lot of you can't stop listening to El Tabour by Lara Scandar. El Tabour music video was released last week and people are really interested in its adaptation of Dalida's Bambino. We couldn't wait to ask Lara Scandar 4 main questions we felt like everyone was curious to know about. So read on to see what she told us...

1. We're excited that you're back to music. Should we expect more music in the near future? Or was this is a single project that you wanted to work on and there are no more future plans? Are you going to be working on an album? 

Thank you. I’m very excited to be back doing what I love. I’ll be working on single-based projects and there a quite a few on the way. 


2. Is there a personal significance for your choice of 'Bambino' for a re-make? 

Definitely. I’ve always been a fan of Dalida’s, one of her biggest if anything. I’ve also always wanted to work on an adaptation of one of her songs. Here in the Middle East, Dalida’s a very tricky artist to cover because all her Arabic songs, which are few, have been redone so many times. I wanted to take a different approach and use one of her earlier songs. 

3. Your look in the music video was a stunning '70s-'80s throwback, how close would you say it is to your own personal style and what you usually go for? 

My look was put together by my amazing team who I work with on all my shoots. I think I really went outside of my comfort zone with this one, in terms of hair and makeup, but my stylist Amine Jreissati and I were very careful with the outfit we chose because we wanted something that fit the era, but was still in fashion and relatable to today’s trend. Which is why we approached Azzi & Osta, who had just launched their Studio 54 collection. It was the perfect fit. 


4. Finally, we can't help but ask...because you have amazing skin. Your fans would love to know 5 skincare tips that you live by, religiously, to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Thank you. I really always try to take care of my skin as much as I can, and I think people tend to take it for granted. The first tip I’d give, which I’m sure people have heard many times is stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Always wear SPF, even if it’s not sunny outside. Get yourself used to having a skin ritual, both day & night cleanses, tone, serum, moisturizer. Also, always take your makeup off and find out what type of skin you have, to be able to find the best products for your skin and a finally, just because I have to, use masks once to twice a week whenever you can.