We’ve been hearing about Tareq Abdein’s outstanding work and got to meet him in person during our last visit to Amman. Having seen what he did with the space at Amman Fashion Week in addition to other places we got the chance to check out, we were quite impressed. Without further notice, meet Tareq Abdein, the man who dedicates himself to beautifying places.

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t find on your website or Facebook page?

Tareq Abdein is Design, Design is Tareq Abdein. I love what I do, it’s my passion, it’s my life.

What would you say is your most prominent piece of work?

Well, I have few if I may say, SAE (Australian film making school, Amman branch), Rajhi Mosque in Hail, Saudi Arabia, and few others. I have gotten the greatest feedback from people on those two projects.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see Tareq Abdein, insha’Allah, as an International Brand. People will be able to buy products that I designed even if I don’t design their space fully. I would love to be in every person’s house or office.

What would you say is a hot demand nowadays?

Definitely Green Design! We are abusing earth and its resources. The trend now, and the need, is to go towards Green buildings, spaces and products, eco/environment friendly. Going back to nature, while preserving nature. The West is way ahead of us in this field. Living Green is part of their everyday life. We will get there too. Therefore, we should think Green from now. We should spread awareness. It’s for our own good and the good of the future generations.

How would you sum up your Amman Fashion Week experience? 

Fashion design is very close to Interior Design, and they always go side by side. It was a privilege to have been chosen to design this event. It was a new and exciting experience which will enable us to give even more in the future. I enjoyed every minute, every detail, and every person I dealt with.

If you were to describe your style in one word what would it be?


How about a little sneak peek about what you have in store for next year's fashion show (Amman Fashion Week)?

More glamorous interior, we are working with the organizer on making this event bigger. We will have more resources that we can utilize on creating something bigger. Hopefully you will be there to give me your feedback.

What advice would you give a young couple currently designing their house on a low budget?

Your house should reflect your personality, the less furniture you have the better. Go with a neutral background; don’t be afraid of using dark colors. Use furniture that is not a fad, furniture that you will not get fed up with in few months. Bring in color in the accessories, but keep in mind that you will change your accessories often, depending on the season and on trends. This way you can have a fresh look at all times.

How does your home reflect your own style? 

Tough question, my current home is nothing like me, (smile), but, I’m putting my ideas together for my near future home. But you should know, it will have lots of empty space, easy on the eye, soothing colors, with unique pieces of art. And my personal art studio.