Razane Jammal, a young charming Lebanese actress, made her way to both; cinema and TV just to make us fall in love with her talent! Having said that, Razane Jammal started her career when she was only 15 years old, paving the road to fame while acting in international short films including a movie with Kanye West and lastly acting in Egyptian series "Embratoreyet Meen." Moreover, Razane was able to turn heads, when she became Chanel's brand ambassador. We had an interview with Razana Jammal, to know how she made a name for herself.

Taking a look back at your first acting audition. How was it like?

My first memorable audition was for Djinn. I remember my agent in London calling me at 11pm to tell me that I had an audition the next day at 9am. My Arabic was very weak at the time, so it took me all night to decipher the language and memorize the script. The next day, I got to the audition and I was so tired that I couldn't even think straight; I was just focused on doing it right. I felt like I hit the right notes at the time, but casting agents usually stay blank and that's just nerve wrecking since there's no way of knowing how you did. In this particular case, I wasn't very worried as I was moving to LA in a few days and had a lot on my mind. I guess I did something right since I got a call back two weeks later, submitted a new tape and then landed the lead role a month later!

What did you love the most about working on ‘’Embratoreyet Meen’’?

To start with, I consider myself lucky to have been mentored by such strong, talented, admirable and respected women like Hend Sabri and Mariam Abou Ouf. I enjoyed learning so much from them and from everyone around me.

However, my favorite part was playing my polar opposite, "Karla." As actors, we rarely get the chance to participate in the creative process every step of the way. Usually, the director imposes his vision and you have a team of professionals deciding how to style your looks (makeup, wardrobe and hair). However, with Karla, I was involved in everything: I picked what she wore, what she did with her hair, how her nails were painted, the accessories she wore and her makeup; which actually allowed me to get to know my character so much better. 

Building Karla's character from scratch and then watch her come to life, was an adventure to say the least. Although it was challenging at first to find her true colors, once I did, I had an absolute blast playing her and pushing her (and myself) to the limit.

What is the most challenging part about acting?

I can handle the pressure, the auditions, the traveling, the long hours, the extensive work on the character, the memorizing and all the other hard work it takes to be an actress, yet the hardest part is blocking everyone out! 

On a set, you are always surrounded by a million people who all require your attention or need to be talking to you (even right before the director says: "action!"). Sometimes crew members walk around, talk on the phone and smoke cigarettes right in front of you while the camera is rolling. In these moments, it takes super hero efforts to block them out and focus on your work. 

Acting requires a lot of memorizing… Share with us a funny situation that happened on set.

Since Karla was a pro at using expressions that no none (including myself) had ever heard before, a funny incident would occur daily. It was actually very hard for me to memorize those words, which always came out funny and made everyone laugh! Moreover, I was still in the process of learning Egyptian, so messing up my lines was unavoidable. (Especially since the production would switch the scenes around 5 minutes before I got to camera, with a whole new set of lines.)

I actually got the award of the “person who made up the most words” on set because...well, the title is kind of self-explanatory!

What is one thing that you always have while you’re on set.

Any form of entertainment! For those who don't know, it can take up to two hours for the camera and lighting crew to shift their equipment around. So rather than getting bored, I always carry a book or my iPad to watch films or browse the internet.

If you have to shop at one store for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Curve or Opening Ceremony.

Five things every woman should have in her closet… 

Every woman should have one black item of the five basics: pumps, boots, jacket, dress and coat. 

What is it like being a Chanel ambassador?

It's an honor for me to be a friend of the house of Chanel, and to be in the same category as so many people I respect and admire like Vanessa Paradis and Elisa Sednaoui. Chanel is known for its effortless style, timeless look and chic attire; a brand whose qualities I aspire to.

Your signature makeup look is…

I like to have a natural look, so I tend to use mineral powder as a foundation, a pink shade blush to give my face a fresh look, lots of concealer to hide those ugly bags, some mascara and a liquid eyeliner to trace the top eyelid to enhance the shape of my eyes.

But I also picked up the habit of wearing lip gloss ever since I started playing the role of Karla. I kind of love having shiny lips now...

What is the secret to perfect hair?

Do not color your hair, use sulcate free shampoo and always trim your hair by the phases of the moon (on a new moon). The latter might sound weird, but I swear it works!

Who was your teenage celebrity crush?

It must be a tie between Josh Hartnett, Leonardo Di Caprio and Nick Carter.

You’re always on the go; tell us the ultimate way to pack in 30 minutes.

I usually give myself a whole day to pack, but if I had only 30 minutes, I would put my phone on silent (since it's my biggest distraction) and pack methodically as if I were a soldier. I would group and pack outfit by outfit (start with the night outfits and move on to the day ones), throw the shoes and bags on top, leave the toiletry bag for last, throw my laptop and chargers in my backpack and RUN! (Tip: I find it helpful to talk to myself when I'm packing and naming items out loud.)

How do you make yourself feel at home when you're miles away? 

It has a crappy connection and most of the time I feel like I'm talking to a robot, but Skype helps me feel close to home!

Your idea of a perfect vacation is… 

Just doing nothing...

Name one thing you want to accomplish in 2015.

To continue growing as an actress and land challenging roles!