If you haven’t seen Cynthia Khalifeh’s acting on 'حرب أهلية' and 'ضد الكسر' then you’ve truly missed meeting some epic characters during Ramadan’s 2021 series. So, we decided to get to know this amazing actress a little bit more and asked her all the questions. From her bold fashion sense, if you haven’t noticed it you’ve got to check out her Instagram page, how she relates to horoscope, to how it was working with Nelly Karim and Youssra. Scroll down to watch our interview with Cynthia Khalifeh and answers all our questions.

We have to say we're just in love with her sense of style. She had mentioned to us that she likes to go for creative and diverse style and that she loves anything unisex like a beautiful suit. She also talked to us about confidence and beauty, and how it’s not about the makeup you wear, or the skincare product you choose, she emphasized how beauty comes from within and it’s something all women should work on every day. Basically, we got a little life lesson from Cynthia, that day in the studio. But most importantly, she says, 'NEVER EVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKEUP!' If you look at her skin, we highly recommend you listen to her.

" The most important thing I learned from Nelly Karim and Youssra, is that you can be a megastar, and still be modest and simple, and deal with everyone respectfully." -Cynthia

We even tackled the topic of online bullying, something almost everyone is exposed to nowadays, but how actors, influencers and musicians are more subjected to them. Cynthia mentioned to us how cowardice she thinks the people who sit behind their phone and just type hurtful words. She believes it’s up to her and everyone who can to call these bullies out, because the times she did, they actually ended up taking a step back and apologizing to her. 

Talk about courage, right? We know brushing off online bullying a lot of the time is the best action to take, but Cynthia thinks someone must a stop to them, and she is doing that one comment at a time. So, before you think about sending her a hurtful message, think twice. 

If you want to know a little bit more about Cynthia Khalifeh, we asked her even more question in this video interview, press play and enjoy! 

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @cynthiakhalifeh