It’s always a proud moment for us when young women showcase their amazing talents in the art scene, and Nour Ehab is definitely one of them. At first we watched her years ago as a child in the series, 'يوميات زوجة مفروسة', and today we see her as the young multi-talented actress who grabs the spotlight, especially as the character of ‘Laila’ in the series, ‘ضد الكسر  in Ramadan 2021.  

It was truly great seeing this young girl grow into a talented actress. We met Nour at the Fustany studio for a fun talk, where we covered everything from her personality to her acting career. Watch our conversation with Nour Ehab below. She talked a lot about her journey from starring in small advertisements since her childhood, to starring in successive roles in major dramas.

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She shed some light on her relationship with social media, since she is very active on it, and how she does her best to only focus on the positive aspect, the people who encourage her and help her grow. As for the negative part of social media, she does her best to ignore any kind of bullying or negative comments. In her opinion, the bullies and the negative comments will never stop online, but what she can do is just look past them and focus on herself, to not let them stop her from her path or bring her down. 

Did you know she is related to Shereen Reda and Reham Abdel Ghafour? Yup, Nour has some famous family members, watch the interview below to know more about this and see Nour’s performances for one of the challenges with Fustany’s Trivia. 

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