There is so much more to the Victoria's Secret as a brand than just a few gorgeous models walking down the glittery runway in sexy lingerie. A show as extravagant as the Victoria's Secret one is much more complex than you can even begin to imagine; from the models, to the story behind the whole Victoria's Secret fashion show, we're sharing with you fascinating facts about Victoria's Secret you probably never knew of

1. The 2014 Victoria's Secret show will take place in London for the very first time. The past shows were usually based in the US.

2. Victoria's Secret was actually opened by a man named Victoria, he designed the shop to be named after Queen Victoria, resembling a Victorian boudoir. 

3. Just because a model walked the Victoria's Secret show before, doesn't mean she will definitely walk it the next year. Contracted Angels have to walk the runway before being approved for the official show. 

4. It takes nine months to plan the Victoria's Secret show, with a huge amount of designers, seamstresses, prop makers and so on. The first budget of the Victoria's Secret show was $120,000, while in 2013 it rose up to $12 million. It does make sense in a way with all the Swarovski crystals, the hot shot singers and the fabulous models. 

5. Victoria's Secret have specific standards set for their model's height. They will never hire a model less than 1.79 cm tall.

6. The first Victoria's Secret fashion show was back in 1995.

7. In 2013, 40 models walked the the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which was the most amount of models in history, requiring 26 makeup artists, more than 70 looks and 30 pairs of Angel wings. 

8. There are more than 100 Victoria's Secret shops around the world, and more than 400 million Victoria's Secret catalogs are mailed to customers each year. 

9. The Queen of the show, is the Angel who gets to wear the 10 million dollar Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. In the 2013 Victoria's Secret fashion show, Candice Swanpoel wore the 18 karat gold bra with more than 4000 rubies, sapphires and diamonds. 

10. No one has ever purchased the Fantasy Bra. 

11. In the year 2000 Gisele wore an even more expensive Fantasy Bra, priced at 15 million dollars.

12. Have you ever noticed how unique the lighting is of all Victoria's Secret stores? That is because the brand is trying to make all women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful, so they forbid bright lighting and play upbeat music, aiming to help women feel more sensual.

13. The 2014 Victoria's Secret fashion show will feature two models wearing the Fantasy Bras valued at two million dollars; Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. 

14. It can take up to 400 hours to make the biggest wings; from sketching, to knowing how the model poses and finally the fittings. 

15. Not all models wear wings, they must earn the title of 'Angel' before wearing them. Also, you could be a Victoria's Secret model and not be an Angel. 

16. If you wan't to attend a Victoria's Secret show, you sure can by just purchasing a ticket for a minimum of $12,500.