There are so many reasons to obsess over the Beckham family, one of the most famous (and popular!) families worldwide! The always sharp-looking Beckhams know how to make quite a show as they walk in to any place. Not only do they have the most heart-warming relationship together, but also they make a day out look so chic. In fact, the Beckham family have the coolest family traditions, such as attending mummy Victoria Beckham's fashion shows.

Because they are truly always under the spotlight, I couldn't help but think of 16 reasons to obsess over the Beckham family.

1. They are always there for each other.


2. They dress nicely almost all the time!


3. Even at the airport...

4. Their road of fame is already paved. Romeo Beckham has modeled for Burberry when he was only 10 years old.

5.  They also support good charitable causes.


6. Daddy knows how to spend a good time with his army of young handsome sons.


7. But still Harper Beckham is daddy's little girl.


8. Not to mention that she's also pampered by her brothers.


9. She even knows how to play soccer!

10. She effortlessly pulls off the top knot bun better than anyone else

11. They taught us that 'Public Display of Affection' is not a bad thing after all.


12. And that love notes still exist...

13. The Beckham family is defined by nice cheekbones, nice hair and nice smiles. Almost nice everything.


14.  They know how and when to take a good selfie.


15. The Beckhams don't age! Mommy and daddy never grow old.


16. Lastly, they know how to win our hearts! The Beckhams are simply too cute for words.