Since it's New York Fashion Week, we thought we'd give you a little insight about Tommy Hilfiger's history. Get to know 30 years of Tommy Hilfiger and how he started his company and established his brand name.

1. Did you know that Tommy Hilfiger was doing really well until he hit bankruptcy in 1977?

2.  In 1984 Tommy Hilfiger established a company with his name as a brand name with the investment of an Indian businessman.

3. In 1992 Snoop dog was one of the celebrities who helped with the Hilfiger name. He appeared on the Saturday night show with an over sized Tommy Hilfiger shirt and soon after, people started buying the brand.

4. The fashion industry looked down on the Hilfiger brand although it was commercially successful.

5. In 1995 Tommy Hilfiger was named menswear designer of the year. 

6. In 2007 Tommy Hilfiger signed an agreement with Macy's to sell his new collections exclusively to their stores.

7. In 2010 the owner of Calvin Klein bought the Tommy Hilfiger corporation for $3 billion.

8. In March 2012, American Idol hired Tommy Hilfiger to be the fashion consultant on the show.

9. Since 2007 Tommy Hilfiger got back on his feet, and renowned his name and brand. 

10.There are over 1,200 Tommy Hilfiger stores, in over 90 countries on 5 continents.