15 of the Best Places to Visit in Dubai and the 'Must See' Spots!

Jasmine Kamal
8/5/20, 12:00 AM

Dubai is considered one of the top Arab touristic destinations that many prefer. However, a lot of people think that there's mostly not much to do in Dubai other than shopping, which of course it's most famous for. But Dubai actually has a lot of different spots to visit and activities that travelers love. So, today we're listing some of the best places to visit in Dubai

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15 top places to visit in Dubai

Places in Dubai for animal lovers:

1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


If you're fascinated by marine animals and wish to see some of the rarest species, the Dubai Aquarium has 140 species of marine animals, among them sand tiger sharks. There are also a lot of cool activities there, like walking through a tunnel under water and glass boat trips...

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2. Dubai Dolphinarium


A fun place for children and it's the first closed and air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East. You'll be able to see and interact with dolphins through the live shows, in addition to taking pictures with them. It also has a lot of fun activity options for children like theatre and places to celebrate birthdays.

3. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve


From marine animals onto the wild. The Dubai Desert Reserve was established in 2002, to save endangered desert plants and animals. Among them are deer and Arabian oryx. You can also do some activities like an outdoor safari.

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4. Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary


This is considered a global wildlife sanctuary, with about 450 animal species and 47 rare plant species. This reserve is very popular with many visitors every year.

Places in Dubai for history lovers:

5. Dubai Museum


The Dubai Museum was built in 1787 and is considered the oldest existing building in Dubai. It was opened in 1971 with the aim of presenting the traditional way of life in Dubai. It also includes local antiquities, and artifacts from African and Asian countries. 

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6. Heritage and Diving Village


It was established in 1997 in the historical Shindagha area. The heritage village has ancient handicrafts, old houses and patterns. The village will also reveal the history of the pearling industry in Dubai. Visitors can learn also about the country’s old traditional customs.

7. Al Fahidi Historical District 


One of the oldest residential areas in Dubai which is now known as 'Al Fahidi'. This village shows forms of ancient life before the discovery of oil.

8. House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum


This house dates back to 1896. This building is characterized by its walls, doors, windows and towers. In the past, it was considered the home of the Al Maktoum family, but it is now a museum for their history and royal holdings. 

Places in Dubai for shopping lovers:

9. Mall of the Emirates


It opened in 2005 on Sheikh Zayed Road, and today it is one of the most famous shopping malls. It has a wide range of stores with some of the most famous international brands. It also has cinemas, an arts center and an artificial skate park.

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10. Dubai Mall


It is the largest shopping mall in the world, with more than 1,200 shops and brands. It also has the largest aquarium in the world, along with some other activities like skiing.

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Dubai Must See Spots

11. Burj Khalifa


The tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters. Its architecture is very interesting and you can see the city by going up to the highest viewing platform in the world at the top of it. You can reach the top of the tower by a very fast elevator where you'll also get to have a journey of entertainment and enjoyment, during which the history of Dubai is presented.

12. Burj Al Arab


Designed to resemble a sail at a height of 321 meters, this building is the most luxurious and the first 7-star hotel in the world. It is one of the main landmarks in Dubai.

13. The Dubai Fountain


It is the largest dancing fountain in the world, extending over an area of ​​30 acres of the Burj Khalifa lake, and shoots water up to 500 feet. Visitors can see it within 20 miles and it also gets lit up at night. 

14. Palm Jumeirah


It is the largest man-made island in the world, taking the shape of an island. It is also considered one of the most important places to see in Dubai. It has everything you need from international hotels, amazing attractions, luxury fashion, great shopping malls, spas, swimming pools and beaches.

15. Dubai Miracle Garden


It has been given a Guinness World Record for the largest vertical garden. It also has more than 45 million flowers, on an area of ​​72,000 square meters, that are designed and structured in various shapes and sizes like hearts, stars, pyramids, and many other patterns.

Note: The park is open for visitors from October to April, but is closed from June to September, because of the weather conditions. 

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