We all have these people around us who spread negativity wherever they go. You can, sometimes, be able to protect yourself from the negative vibes they spread. While at other times, it could be hard to do so. This is where social intelligence comes to the rescue. Behavioral science helps people to understand how to deal with others, how to act in situations, and how to achieve social acceptance eventually. Simply, every person needs to know how to acquire social intelligence, to be a positive person without giving off any signs of negative energy.

1. Stop complaining and gossiping.
It’s not the best thing to complain all the time to your acquaintances. Everyone has their own problems, and people love to be around happy souls. You can choose a close family member or friend to talk to if you’re feeling down, but avoid being the chronic complainer who's always whining.

The same for gossiping - be sure that when you're the person who gossips all the time, people will know that you will eventually make a good gossip material out of them.

2. Don't act as if you are the center of the universe!
We all love to be surrounded by people who listen to us, as it's one way of feeling respected. Try to know other people’s interests, and start your conversations accordingly to let them speak. Avoid talking about yourself all the time, and listen to others, because yes, you are not the center of the universe! Seeking attention in all gatherings and trying to be the star will not serve you any good.

3. Refrain from criticizing everything. 
You better criticize yourself before digging into other people's personal problems. Be sure that criticizing others is a way of showing off your insecurities. Try to accept people as they are, and give them positive comments. In the same way, stop giving pieces of advice everywhere you go, unless you have been asked to. People don’t like to be around other people who feel superior to others.

4. Be kind, and always smile!
Try to be kind and help others, but don’t overdo it, because people might doubt your intentions. Here, balance is the key. Also, be sure to always smile; the power of facial expressions, especially the smile, has proven to be a powerful aspect in attracting people to you.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @ohhcouture