Skip the reservations for two, dinner and the movie, and add a creative twist to your Valentine's day. Here are a few Valentine's day date ideas, they are fun and definitely outside the box. Romantic doesn't mean dim lights and candles, it can also be adventurous. 

1. Ditch the movie and make your own private viewing at your home. Make some snacks, caramelized popcorn, chocolates and smoothies, black out the windows and create the perfect movie mood. 

2. Go watch a live music performance. Sure a dinner is romantic and all, but why not go somewhere where you can enjoy some live music as well as good food. 

3. Do something wild, Valentine's day this year is on a weekend, so why not go for something like sand boarding or camping. There is nothing more romantic than the desert at night under the stars. 

4. Go dancing NOT partying! Find a cozy place that plays good music, like salsa, and dance the night away. Have fun with your dance moves, don't just slow dance and stare into each other's eyes.

5. Games, go for something like paintball or go karts! Make sure you are on competing teams, and enjoy the chase. 

6. Maybe you can't travel to your favorite country, but why not cook yourselves a Parisian dinner or even Italian. Make sure to make some chocolate fondant together, it will be a super fun experience. 

7. A day use somewhere. Whether it's driving an hour to spend the day by the beach or taking a day use in a hotel. It is always nice to feel like you are somewhere different just for a day.