Juhayna recently released their newest product in the Egyptian market, Pure pomegranate juice, which just joined Pure’s big family. The popular and much-loved by many Pure juices range also includes orange, apple, tomatoes, cocktail, pineapple, guava, orange and carrot, mango and peach, in addition to red grapes.

Ever wondered why people chose Pure juice over anything else? Dorra Zarrouk, the ambassador of Pure juice, explained to us! She said that she’s proud to be representing Pure, because it’s a very unique product…it’s sugar-free, loaded with vitamins and above all, it’s delicious. She also said that Pure helps you stay healthy and fit, which is something the Egyptian consumers deserve.

In fact, Dorra Zarrouk who’s a big pomegranate lover couldn’t be happier with the new product. Simply, she knows that pomegranate is not just great for our wellbeing, because it fights anemia and heals indigestion, it’s also a woman’s best friend, because it keeps her skin looking young and healthy, and who doesn’t want that?  So having it ready to drink in a juice box is a dream come true.

Juhayna held a big celebration to celebrate the launch of Pure pomegranate juice, and of course Dorra Zarrouk joined the company’s heads and seniors. She gave a small speech about her visit to the factory’s production lines, and expressed how impressed she is with the new technologies being used by Juhayna to ensure a high quality product that matches international standards, and leads in the Egyptian market.

Last but not least, we cannot wait until we try out Pure pomegranate juice, as we’re sure we’ll love it, just like we’re sure that Juhayna will keep on providing us with many more delicious products.