We live in a world where people believe that flowers are cliché or must be associated with any romantic gesture, and that you'd rather send a flower emoji to someone than give them a real flower bouquet. In reality, the flower world is so vast that a single article will not be enough. They are, in my opinion, something that brings life to any place where there are flowers. For example, if you walk into a restaurant and see flowers, your mood will immediately change. So, today, I'm going to try to change your perception of flowers, and here are 10 non-cliché flower-related frequently asked questions.

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Let's start with the non-cliche flower-related questions:

1. Why do we send flowers to someone in the first place?

Let us go back in time a little and tell you that it is a tradition that history can speak about. Many myths and tales from ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt show that flowers were an important part of social customs, and if you have ever noticed in many pharaonic engravings, there is always someone giving the other person flowers. Of course, life was much simpler back then, and giving flowers was the way to express their emotions; however, with today's fast-paced lifestyle, there are more ways to express emotions. 

To surprise you, even more, expressing feelings in words was considered impolite during the Victorian era, which is why people gave each other flower bouquets to express their feelings. We should be thankful that history has changed and that we can express ourselves in ways other than by giving flowers.

2. What does it mean to send someone flowers?

Sometimes you want to show someone you care and that you are thinking of them no matter what they are going through; this could be a friend, family member, or even a partner, and you believe that if you call them, they will forget it after a while.

You might think about sending them a nice flower bouquet, preferably a real one rather than an emoji one. You are showing them that you care about them and are thinking of them, and that you will always be there for them no matter what they are going through. You may argue that there are other ways to show someone how much you care, but remember that actions speak louder than words.

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3. What Does the Color of a Flower Mean?

When you see a flower, the color is the first thing that catches your eye. Nature's colors are simply stunning, which is what makes it so beautiful. Have you ever considered that each color means something different to the person to whom you are sending or receiving flowers? So, let me tell you about some of the most common flower colors and their meanings.

Red Flowers

We are all familiar with red flowers and know what they represent; aside from love and passion, they also represent respect and courage. 

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers are similar to red flowers, but slightly different. They represent love, but also gentleness and femininity. That explains why we see so many pink flower bouquets on Mother's Day.

White Flowers

Wedding bells are ringing, and we all know that when we see a white flower, the first thing that comes to mind is a bridal bouquet. White flowers represent innocence, pureness, and kindness.

Yellow Flowers

When you think of a happy color, the first color that comes to mind is yellow. It's known to be a cheerful color that spreads happiness; can a color do that? Never underestimate the power of color on you. A yellow flower, with its bright colors and positive effect on people, can be used to brighten someone's day. That is why, when someone is ill, we send them yellow flowers to increase the positive energy in the room.

Orange Flowers

Orange is a vibrant, eye-catching color. Orange flowers represent excitement and enthusiasm. That's why, if you're looking for ways to make your room or workspace less boring and more exciting, they'll tell you to add an orange flower.

Purple Flowers

Purple is known to represent royalty, so purple flowers represent both achievement and royalty. If you want to be cheesy and express your love to your partner in a way that does not involve red flowers, give them purple flowers and make them feel like royalty.

Blue flowers 

Blue is a color that is known for its ability to relax and put you at ease. Blue flowers are known to promote feelings of relaxation, helping people in letting go of any negative or stressful emotions.

4. Can women buy flowers for men?

This is a toxic masculinity-free zone, so yes, you can buy your man flowers; it's nothing to be ashamed of; after all, it's a way of expressing your emotions. You can even have them made in his favorite color to make it even more special.

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5. What effect do flowers have on your mood?

Do you remember when I said that flowers can actually change your mood? Scientifically, it does. There are two factors at work here:

First factor: Each color has a different effect on you. 

Second Factor: The scent of the flower is very important; a familiar scent can instantly trigger a happy memory, which will change your mood.

Final Thoughts..

It's fine if you don't enjoy receiving or sending flowers, but you should appreciate their beauty. Flowers should be viewed as a positive thing that contributes to a good mood. So, whenever you're feeling down or know someone who is, try to cheer them up by getting them brightly colored and lovely scented flowers.

If you want to keep the flower bouquet that someone special gave you, put it in a beautiful vase that will make you smile every time you pass by. Alternatively, as in the past, place a flower in a book to cherish it forever, and it will last indefinitely.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @@fernforestflowers