Five Compelling Reasons to Travel to London Soon

Omar Elmasry
7/17/16, 12:00 AM

There are always a thousand reasons to visit London. A leading economic capital of the world. A city bustling but clean with lovely parks, excellent shopping and particularly pleasant public transit. A city with centuries of history, monuments and an exciting future. In 1777, author Samuel Johnson said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” This is as true today as when he said it. London has it all. So why go now? Here are five compelling reasons to travel to London this summer...

1. It's cheaper than ever!
After Britain’s exit from the European Union, while still safe and calm, the fallen pound (£) has made London its cheapest in over ten years. Known for being an expensive city, it's best to take advantage of such a good pricing opportunity. Famous shopping in central London and new up and coming areas in the east of the city like Shoreditch have become more accessible and now is the best time to go!

2. A foodie's heaven.
Because of its economic power London has always pulled immigrants from across the world making its dining palate ever more diverse and delicious. In recent years the food has gotten better and better. Now it is famous for everything from its Indian fine dining to fresh fish and chips. London is a must visit for every foodie. Enjoying the city's best food requires getting out of tourist hot-spots, but you never have to walk far to find a great bite.

3. London is a comfortable walking city.
London is a pleasant walking city, and walking from monument to monument is one of the best ways to get to know the city. Walking from Tower Bridge to St. Pauls Cathedral will show you a city with beautiful architecture and history, passing the Tower of London and other great sights. Walking along the river Thames through the center of Westminster, one of the many green parks, or on a neighborhood walking tour are fun ways to spend your one of your days in the city. If you prefer to be seated or get tired but want to see more, you can always hop on one of the many signature red buses, black cabs or tour buses that are all over the city.

4. Rain or shine!
The famous sites and shopping are almost as famous as English weather. If you want to avoid the rains and winds of the British Isles, plan to visit London in the summer. Picnics in Regents Park or Primrose Hill are the best ways to spend a sunny afternoon relaxing in a vibrant city. If it does drizzle, don’t worry London has some of the best free museums in the world. If you are artistically inclined, the National Portrait Gallery is filled with beautiful European art from before during and after the Renaissance. If you’re a real history buff, enjoy the British Museum and see a piece of Egypt, the Rosetta Stone among many other grand global treasures.

5. Summer in London is all about fun.
If high culture, classical music and beautiful architecture interest you make sure to check out the annual BBC Proms. In Royal Albert Hall, starting on July 15th and running until September 10th, musicians from all over the world come for live concerts and end summer on a musical and joyful note. If you are more of an outdoor concert fan, there are many summertime events like concerts to enjoy in Hyde Park and Wembley Stadium.

It's always a good time to go to London. Whether it will be your first visit or your tenth, there is always something new to explore, things to try and sights to see.


Omar Elmasry

Since a young age, Omar Elmasry has had a curious and artistic mind. He is constantly looking for adventures and new things to see and do, like spending his summer working, and strolling around Cairo ...

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