We all watched our fair share of Sex and the City episodes, and saw all the first dates the lovely ladies went on. Surely, we are not really living the New York City life, but that doesn't mean we can't have ourselves a little fun on a first date. First dates are usually quite nerve wracking, because we have been taught since the beginning of movies, that a date means going to a dinner. Might I add it's sometimes an awkward dinner, where you try your best to learn as much as possible about the person in front of you, sort of like an interview session. Frankly speaking, the best way to get to know a person is in a relaxed and fun environment. You get to see them for who they truly are, more importantly you get to be yourself and you're not forced to act in a certain way. 

Here are a few original first date ideas that will guarantee both of you a fun time:

1. The Zoo

I bet you just laughed reading this suggestion, and this is just the beginning of all the laughs you will probably have on this date. It's always fun to see the cute animals, feed them, take wacky pictures, etc… As you walk through the zoo, you will find there are a million things to talk about, and if in the off chance you are faced with an awkward silence, coming across a gorilla will do the trick. 

2. Go Karts

There isn't much talking on this date, but you learn a lot about a guy when you give them their toys. Is he the gentleman who will let you win, crush you with his competitiveness, or possibly the guy who waves to you as he passes you every single time. Put a guy in his comfort zone and you can guarantee a very relaxed date. A little friendly competition never hurts, and is always fun. 

3. Amusement Parks

I have to say the movies were right about this kind of date; they are superb. There are so many things to do in an amusement park, you usually don't know where to begin. Whether it's playing a friendly game of air hockey, him winning you a teddy-bear or even just eating some cotton candy; you'll get to learn a lot about one another. For example, he gets to learn about your favorite candy, you get to learn which games he is good at, and from there you'll probably know his story of how he got good at the game. You will be leaving this date knowing at least two things about his childhood. 

4. Explore Different Foods

Even though this does involve sitting at a table and talking, exploring a new kind of food is never boring. Find a type of food like Indian or Thai and try out the place together, it will pose as a great memory to look back on. Opposed to change, that is fine, challenge yourself, better yet challenge each other, you will be eternally grateful after the experience. Who knows, maybe after this date you will grow to love Thai food. 

5. A Cruise

Looking for a bit of romance? Why not opt for a cruise? Pack yourself some snacks and a jacket and head down to the port for a mid-day cruise. You can share stories about one another, while looking at a gorgeous view. If all goes well on this date, you can come back on your yearly anniversary to where it all began.