People always claim that a job interview is always the hardest part of seeking a new work opportunity. Yet I completely disagree with that! It's just no where near difficult if you get to be yourself and be well prepared. Here are some tips and tricks to nail a job interview

1. Put on a contagious smile

First impressions are super important as they show your self confidence and self esteem. Always manage to show up with a smile, simple makeup and steady foot steps. Make sure to introduce yourself by addressing your first name along with a warm greeting. Direct eye contact is vital too, as it's the strongest way of communication in a job interview.

2. Break the ice 

Sitting down and staring at the interviewer waiting for him/her to start the conversation is a big no! This will merely show that you're not confident enough to stir up a conversation. Instead, ask the interviewer about the weather, or even compliment their outfit or hairdo. No this doesn't sound cheesy. It's just a smart way to break the ice between each other.

3. Study the company well

Being prepared for the interview is the best way to nail it. Mentioning the company's latest achievement, award, or merging opportunities is always a plus. It shows how well informed you are and eager to get this job. Their website and LinkedIn profiles are a great way to get a full insight of the company. 

4. Look good, feel good

Dress code is extremely important when it comes to job interviews. Wearing super duper classic formal wear is NOT a must. The way your dress up to a job interview depends heavily on the field you're entering. The dress code of a marketing company differs than what you should wear at a bank.

5. Follow up immediately

During a job interview, the interviewer will tend to ask you indirectly questions that are related to your relevance to the job vacancy. Make sure to follow up, brainstorm and come up with ideas that can benefit the company you're applying for. Also, a 'thank you' email right after a job interview is a long forgotten habit. Thanking the interviewer for their time is not a cliche thing to do after all.

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