Have you ever had the feeling of getting butterflies in your stomach whenever you see the waiter coming towards you holding your order? And when the plate is served on your table, you take the first bite of your favorite dish and it lights a spark in your soul, turning your mood upside down. It is the same feeling you get when you see a beautiful, breathtaking painting or hear a song that touched the deepest parts of your soul. 

The process itself of making food is so similar to painting, you choose the right spices like you choose the right colors. You chose the right amount of fire like you chose the perfect light to do your painting, the brushes, the paper, the boards, the pan, the spoons, they’re all similar utensils to reach the perfection of your final work. 

Not only are the tools are similar, but also the feeling, the effort and the passion. When you start painting you have an idea in your mind that you want to deliver through your work. Same as cooking, you have this idea and vision of the perfectly designed plate with just the right taste and mesmerizing smell. You start with the first touch of the brush like you put the first piece of butter in the pan, and when you put the meat and it starts to turn to gold it’s like the rays of sun on your painting. Food is not just a plate you eat when you’re hungry, it’s passion, it’s effort, it’s experience and hard work to reach the perfection that satisfies all your senses.

Main Image Credits: Columbia Pictures Via The New York Times