Haya Awad is a young Jordanian talent with a penchant for art and fashion; she is a graphic designer, pop artist and fashion stylist. Haya Awad’s first solo exhibition “Fashion Attack,” took place in Amman earlier this year and portrayed the power of media on our conception of fashion through 22 art pieces that showcased the feminine infatuation with fashion and beauty.

The works of art at “Fashion Attack” took two years to be completed where Haya Awad cleverly used recycled materials to create the pieces. The paintings included drawings of models adorned with beads, glitter, lace, zippers and magazine papers. Arabic calligraphy was also added to the paintings forming an assembly of different elements all coming together to create masterpieces of collage art.  The exhibition also featured three sofas in the shape of Arabic letters.

Keep an eye out on Haya Awad’s art, the artist is planning to expand and reach more audiences as her next endeavor is planning for an exhibition in Beirut or Istanbul.