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| by Rym Khalil

Here Are 4 Tried and Tested Ways to Entertain Your Toddler at Home

Do you know these days when you are stuck with an active toddler at home? This can be a nightmare for moms who don't know how to be creative enough to keep their toddler busy indoors! But wait, don't panic, because you can actually take advantage of this time by bonding with your child through fun and learning activities.

Here is a list of some fun activities that I've personally tried with my son, and they'll surely satisfy your toddler’s sense of curiosity and keep him/her occupied for some time.

1. Making a story through puzzles...
My son just loves puzzles, and he always asks questions about characters or objects in the puzzle he’s assembling. So I thought, maybe I can ask him questions that would help him build a story from puzzles with his imagination. He was actually fascinated by this idea, and wants to get his puzzles done every time to complete the stories he creates. Toddlers love repetition, and this activity will enhance their imagination and keep them focused.

activities for kids - children activities - things to do with kids

2. Baking with mama!
Some moms are hesitant about letting the child enter the kitchen, as it can contain dangerous objects or simply because the child will turn it into a mess! But actually, both of you can have fun in the kitchen by baking. Use child-friendly cutlery, and engage your kid with you in the kitchen. You can make a carrot cake, for example, it is simple and you can let your little one pour and mix the ingredients. This activity increases your child's confidence, and he/she will learn how to be productive and see an outcome from the effort they exerted. You can also introduce food that your child doesn’t eat, because probably he/she would love to eat anything he/she is making.

activities for kids - children activities - things to do with kids

3. Splash and learn.
Bath time is real fun to children; you can make it even more fun by adding some bath toys and naming them with your child. At this age, your child is building up his vocabulary, my son loves it when we splash his animals and repeat their names together: whale, fish, frog, crocodile, etc. It is easier to relate to letters and words that way.

activities for kids - children activities - things to do with kids

4. Paper crafts.
Help your child draw his hands on a paper, and then let him cut the lines with child-friendly scissors. You can also give him colors to color his fingers on the paper, and name his fingers while doing this. The child would love to see his/her hands on the paper, and this activity will keep him busy for a long time.

activities for kids - children activities - things to do with kids

Let me know if you have any other activity ideas that you've personally tried with your little one. Sharing is caring after all!

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