If you want to know how to clean a laptop from dust, then this article is your guide! How many hours do you spend on your laptop per day? Now how many times do you actually pay some attention to cleaning your laptop? No, you don't have wait for your laptop to get all greasy and stained in order for you to start cleaning it. I personally dedicate just 30 minutes every weekend to clean the abuse away from my laptop. Since you should care a bit more about your laptop (I'm not trying to sound like your mom here), here's a step-to-step guide on how to clean your laptop in just six steps:

1. In order to clean the dust out of your laptop, first off, you'll need to switch off your laptop and remove the battery (if possible). You should also unplug any devices such as mouse, USB flash memory stick, printer or external hard drive.

2. Now you shall start with cleaning the dirt off your keyboard. Since any keyboard has inner sneaky openings that does nothing but attract dust, you might have to use compressed air to clean it. Whether it's a can of compressed air or even a hair dryer, make sure to direct the air on the sides of the keyboard, while brushing away the extra dust using a small soft brush. In case you decided to clean your laptop using a hair dryer, make sure it blows out cold air in order not to cause any damage to the tiny particles in your laptop's keyboard.

3. After you're done with cleaning away the dirt from the keys of the keyboard, spritz on some alcohol spray on a mini cotton swab and rub on and in between the keys. Make sure the cotton swab is just damp and not anywhere near wet.

4. Now it's time to clean the screen of your laptop. You can either use alcohol spray or a screen cleaning solution to clean your screen. In this case, make sure to wipe the screen using a cleaning cloth instead of a cotton swab, as cotton tends to leave some leftovers . Also while as you clean your laptop, spray the solution directly on the cleaning cloth and never spray it directly on the screen.

5. The fan of your laptop is considered one of the places that collects dirt the most. Turn your laptop upside down and look for the air vent at the bottom of your laptop, then blow some air inside of it. I personally don't recommend that you remove the screws of your laptop to clean the fan during cleaning your laptop, but you should rather take it to a specialist to do this for you.

6. As you clean your laptop, when it comes to the ports of the laptop, never use alcohol or any cleansing spray as they might damage the tiny digital particles inside the ports. Blowing a little air and using a cotton swab only can do the trick. Remember to be extra gentle when handling these little openings and during the entire process of cleaning your laptop.