There are plenty of times throughout life where an important decision will come along and you spend days or even weeks going round in circles, thinking through the possibilities. It could be something regarding your relationship, career, family or any other important choice to make, but you're struggling to come to a definite answer. When these difficult moments crop up, it will help to have a decision-making strategy in place to help you to come to the best possible conclusion.

Learn more about decision-making

A quick way to get a better understanding of how to make better choices is to listen to psychology experts. There are over 50 different TED Talks regarding decision-making such as 3 ways to make better decisions - by thinking like a computer, and Before you decide: 3 steps to better decision making. There are some great videos that will take around ten minutes each to watch, so give it a go and learn more about the psychology around making better choices.

The next time you then have an important decision to make, instead of rushing to find an answer on a whim, or going with your gut feeling, you can use your knowledge and research to make a rational, well-considered conclusion.


"TED" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lawrence Wang 王治钧

Decision-making tarot readings

Lots of people, including celebrities, turn to Clairvoyant services, and a recent article in the New York Times even refers to Psychics as the new wellness coaches. Many Clairvoyants offer decision-making tarot readings as a specific service, where someone who is struggling with a hard choice in an element of their life uses the provided insights to come to a difficult decision. This could be related to whether a relationship should come to an end, or could involve their career or any other key decision in life.

Whilst thinking about that particular choice, the most accurate tarot reading will reveal insights such as topics or thoughts that must be focused on, and the overall energy of the current situation. The cards will also help to understand the positives and negatives of a person's environment, and also give the person a clearer idea of what the consequences of making the decision will turn out to be.


"Tarot Cards" (CC BY 2.0) by 2tarot.psychic

Don't be influenced by others

When people struggle to make a decision, they will often ask for advice or listen to the suggestions made by others. However, you have to remember that it will be you that lives with the consequences, therefore, it all must come down to you. Social pressure often leads to people making bad choices, so you need to be single-minded and not get influenced by others.

Sometimes dwelling over a certain decision can be very detrimental to your life, it can even occupy your mind for many years because you do not have the courage to make said choice, for fear of the consequences, or fear of making the wrong decision. This can, in turn, impact all other aspects of your life, and might be holding you back from progressing in your career, or meeting someone in a new relationship and starting a family, for example. So, try to use these ideas and principles to make future decision-making much easier.

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