I traveled for five days with only one carry-on bag! You must be wondering, how is that possible? Well, it's perfectly doable, with some pretty smart travel packing tips and tricks, you can pack much stuff, and hold only one carry-on bag.

1. Pack like a professional traveler:

People who travel a lot don't throw into their bag five essential outfits, and five more to think about while they're travelling. They pack specific items, for specific events they know they will be doing. So if you're staying for five days for example, you have to pack 10 outfits, five for mornings, and five more for night outs. And if you're an efficient person, you'll know how to wear the same outfits differently on the same trip, to minimize the amount of outfits you'll have to pack.

2. The way you fold your clothes will define how much of it you can take:

You need to be very neat at this point, because the way you fold your clothes will define if you'll be able to take everything you need in one bag or not. So, here's how it is done:

- You'll need clear, plastic bags, any kind of them.

- You'll take every outfit combination, and you'll roll it together, and then you'll put it into the plastic bag. 

- By now you'll have about two or three standing rows of rolled up clothes, maximum, which leaves enough space for many other things.

3. Choose your shoes wisely, and pack them smartly:

You're allowed to travel with up to three pairs of shoes. One that you'll be wearing, and the other two will be packed. You'll pack one shoe at a time in a plastic bag on its own, so you can place them freely in your carry-on.

Another great hack...you can roll up belts and place them inside the shoes, to save more space.

4. Pack (only!) what you need:

From makeup to skincare products, you'll need to pack the things that you'll really use. So, don't take 10 lipsticks that you never wore since the day you bought, and don't pack anything that you're not sure you'll use during your trip.

5. Pack everything in fun-sized containers:

Pack your shampoo and conditioner in small containers, and pack some of your skincare creams in small containers too.