Ramadan is the month where you stay up late at night to have Suhoor, and get up really early to head to work. Yes, exhausting I know. Because Ramadan is the month of good deeds and wellness, challenge yourself and kick exhaustion's butt! Boost your spirit and check out how to stay productive at work during Ramadan:

1. Avoid food talk completely and utterly. This will only leave you exhausted focusing your entire concentration on food, which is just tiring and meaningless. Work is always a blessing as it kills time till Iftar anyway. Happy thoughts!

2. I know that Ramadan is pretty much the sleep deprivation month. Instead of surrendering to a quick nap (which always ends up as a long one), you can stay energized by making a quick workout at the office, washing your face or even spritzing on some perfume.

3. Exercising is the key for your productivity! Believe it or not, your productivity and metabolism will be boosted 50% more, till next day, when you workout during Ramadan. Make working out before/after Iftar a daily routine as it will help you digest food better as well.

4. Distractions during work can be endless. Take off your watch or try to avoid counting minutes and hours until Iftar. Since working hours in Ramadan are already less than normal, make sure Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are only available on your off-work hours. You don't want to end up with delayed tasks. 

5. Get important tasks done ahead. During Ramadan, you actually concentrate better in the morning rather than the few hours before Iftar. Try to finish all the tasks that encourage lots of brain work and concentration first for better results.

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