I've struggled with anxiety for a very long time. It takes a toll on my life but I grew up trying to learn to, well not live with it, but accept and try to deal with it. 

For the most part, anxiety is not something you can get rid of but for the longest time there were things in my daily life that were causing me anxiety and I had absolutely no idea. So if there's a chance they can be avoided, it could definitely make a difference with me. 

1. Coffee 

Caffeine is known to cause jitteriness and anxiety but I had drunk coffee for my entire life and never concentrated enough to see how it hurt me. I only figured it out when I was at university and now I only drink Decaf. 

2. Tea

I thought since tea had a lot less caffeine than coffee that it wouldn't bother me. But the more I grew up the more I noticed and learned that it's sometimes just as bad. Especially when I'm stressed and my anxiety could be easily triggered. 

3. Smoking 

The idea that smoking reduces stress and calm down nerves and the body might be true for some people but for me sometimes smoking gets my heart racing really quickly and return my brain switches to anxiety mode. This usually happened when I haven't smoked in a while.

4. Negative people in your life 

It took me a really long time to see how people around me affect my mental health. If I surrounded myself with people that were constantly negative it immediately imprinted on me causing me sadness and in return, the negative energy turned to anxiousness. 

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5. Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation of below average amount of hours of sleep caused me to literally wake up with skipping heartbeats, not the good kind, and nausea every morning. This would have me stressed and exhausted all day.

6. Time management

If my life is unorganized with a lot of things on my do list that are not actually on a list but in my head, my mind would shut down. Having your duties flying around in my head causes to panic about trying to remember everything and get things done. I always need to write things down and organize when and how I should get them done so I don't get nervous. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @orionvanessa