We all know what it feels like not to listen our mothers when they give us advice, only to end up regretting it later. The list is endless, but here are a few I bet you can all relate to.


Every guy you date is automatically a No-No. It probably has something to do with the touchy concept of dating itself, but if you’re still in school or in college, it’s always the same questions: What are his plans for the future? What are his intentions with you? Aren’t you giving him too much attention?

And then it hits you. What am I doing? Why are we planning our future now, when it’s obvious that we still have no idea where we’re gonna be five years from now?

Mothers seem to have this sixth sense where they can see something coming that you don’t, whether it’s about his personality, attitude or even what he’ll look like in 20 years.

Even though we hate admitting it, it’s true that our mums did warn us about our exes. And we thought we were so much smarter, that we knew exactly what we were doing… that is until we got heartbroken.

And that’s exactly how it goes every single time. Repeat!

You’ll Never Live Down Your Reputation

Why are you wearing something so revealing? Why are you dating this guy? Why are you home so late at night? Since when was partying something cool? And the list goes on. And on.

I think we’ve all realized that she does have a point – people make mistakes. All the time! If you don’t, then you’re not human. But the thing is, here in Egypt the mistake is never forgotten. People talk and if someone decides to bring up your name in a crowd that has no idea who you are, it’s never something good. Never!

It always starts with, “Yea, remember that bitch when she got drunk?” Or, “Remember the guy she used to date? Yea maybe that’s why she’s fucked up mentally…” See point #1.

No matter how hard you try to change and become a better person, your reputation is always gonna be there to haunt you.

Our mothers aren’t asking us to be perfect, they’re just asking us to think of what we’re doing before we do it – twice and a third time if necessary.


I Should Have Taken That Jacket

“It’s cold outside, wear a jacket!” Leaves home without the jacket, goes sits somewhere outdoors, freezes to death, thinks, “Why is she always right? Why?”

Eat Something

4:30pm, “Mum, I’m going out for lunch today with some friends.“

“Eat something before you leave, darling.”

And then we think to ourselves, “Why would I? I’m going out for lunch, doesn’t she listen to a word I say?”

By the time you get to the restaurant and wait for everyone to arrive and look at the menu for the 100th time, it’s 9pm. Really?

Now you’re sitting there starving to death.

You could have just had lunch at home, and this could’ve been your dinner.

And again, mum was right.

Don’t Keep Bad Company

That sixth sense about boyfriends applies to your social circle, as well. She’s able to spot the bad apples with a mere glance and takes the first opportunity to passive aggressively warn you: “I don’t know about her…”

Six months later, you’re crying in your mother’s arms because the girl you thought was your new bff stabbed your back in the most low and heinous way.

“Se la vie,” Mom says, “You’re better off without such bad influences in your life.” And she’s right… as usual.