Spicing up your workspace by some creative ideas to decorate your office desk can really add some positive impact on your everyday at work. The wonderful thing about decorating an office desk is that it requires minimal energy and very little things. The trick is to have the outcome looking colorful, tidy and reflecting your personality. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your office desk:

- Go for colorful stationary. They will look fabulous sitting in your favorite mug. 

- Make sure to find file holders. You don't want your desk to be constantly overflowing with papers.

- Don't be afraid to add some fun and creative touches like candles and silly sticky notes.

-  Books could be a creative idea on how to decorate your office desk. Stack up some fashion books or even your colorful notebooks on your desk.

- Don't underestimate the effect of a plant or some dried flowers to decorate your desk. It's the small things that will make your desk feel more appealing and cozy.

- An office desk consists of your desk and the area surrounding it, so if you have a wall in front of you or beside you, you should start taking advantage of that space. Shelves, boards, or even hanging up posters.