Most Unique Beaches That Have More Than Just Sand and Sea to Offer

Salma Khattab
9/2/18, 12:00 AM

Once the word 'beach' is heard, the first thing that comes to our minds is blue water and contrasting yellow sand. It's true that these two are the main elements forming a beach, but what do you say if there is more than that to be offered to you?

The world is full of surprisingly one-of-a-kind sea shores that you would have never imagined they ever existed in reality; so brace yourselves and add the following beaches to your travel wish list!

1. Maya Bay, Thailand

Phi Phi island is one of the reasons why Phuket is a famous destination in Thailand. It has a beach called Maya Bay which is unique with huge green mountains hugging it, giving both intimacy and privacy vibes for the beach visitors.


Instagram @skvo8

2. Flamingo Beach, Aruba

This is my favorite and probably will be your favorite, too! This is not a beach where you just enjoy sand and sea, but you can interact with pretty pink flamingos and enjoy a literally one of a kind experience!


Instagram @crazyforflamingos

3. Mykonos beaches, Greece

What's unique about Mykonos beaches, is that you have a sophisticated view of sloped homes genuinely emerging from within the mountains. Those mountains surround you, which adds richness and identity to the view of sea and sky!


Instagram @leoniehanne

4. Pink Beach, Indonesia

Yes, pink! The sand on this beach actually has warm pink hues giving a new contrast that the eye may not be familiar with but will definitely adore! This is one of the most famous and unique beaches in the world, and is a must visit!


Instagram @bemvindosabordo

5. Zanzibar beaches, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a destination with "infinity beaches" as I like to call them. These beaches amazingly have sand islands, where you can go into the water for a long distance and still be able to walk while you surround yourself with endless sea water from all directions!


Instagram @sheriffayed

6. Riviera Maya beach, Mexico

This beach is unique with its vegetation, specially palm trees. It makes you live the tropical mood that you watch in movies and advertisements, giving you a broad view of serenity and calmness.


Instagram @amelialiana

7. Glow beach, Maldives

It's when you see magic in reality! The beach is literally glowing, and there are real lights inside the water. If you step in it, your feet will leave a glowing print on the sand! This is one unique phenomenon that deserves admiring! Watch the glowing beach yourself:

YouTube Channel: Wonder World

8. Hamilton Princess Bay, Bermuda

This is one other destination where isolation and relaxation are the main targets for every visitor. Even hammocks are made in a unique way inside the water to make you reach an optimum calmness level!


Instagram @leoniehanne

Main Image Credits: Instagram @robertahahl


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