Finally, Visiting Makkah? Packing Tips For Umrah!

Author Mariam Youssef
Time 1/8/24, 2:00 PM
Finally, Visiting Makkah? Packing Tips For Umrah!

Every year, Muslims from all over the world go on the spiritual trip of Umrah to the holy city of Makkah. This magnificent and religious voyage, known to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, should be done without delay or stress. The first step is to plan ahead of time and create a packing list and checklist of Umrah requirements. Planning ahead of time is the best approach to ensure a successful Umrah. From Umrah necessities to packing properly, we'll show you a list of everything you need when heading to Umrah.

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Travel Documents

Keep these on top of your Umrah packing list.

The following are important travel documents:

  • Passport and photocopies of it
  • Visas, plane tickets, and vaccination certificates
  • Copies of hotel booking confirmations
  • Receipts for Umrah contributions
  • Photographs in passport size
  • Certificate of Relationship (if you are traveling with your spouse)
  • Money (Saudi Arabia currency)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Itinerary for a trip
  • Contact information in case of an emergency

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Umrah prayer essentials

Ihram is the dress requirement for the Umrah pilgrimage, thus packing appropriate attire is one of the most crucial things to do before the journey begins. Ihram is two pieces of loosely stitched simple white cloth for both men and women. Women are also permitted to wear ordinary attire that covers the complete body, leaving only the hands and face revealed.

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Clothing and accessories

Choose them based on the length of your trip and the weather. People from all over the world travel to Makkah to undertake Umrah. Typically, this includes long flights and exhausting road journeys. As a result, it is critical to wear and pack lightweight, comfortable clothing. Weather conditions in Makkah are also an important thing to consider. Despite the fact that Makkah is hot throughout the year, it is critical to pack and prepare for the month of travel. Choose light colors and airy fabrics that will not bother your skin even in the hottest of temperatures.

A couple of pairs of comfortable shoes, a waist pouch, bathroom slippers, a string bag, a light sweater, sunglasses, safety pins, a prayer hat, and a folding umbrella are all essentials for Umrah for both men and women. Aside from the items mentioned above, there are a few other Umrah necessities for women, which include:

  • Five to ten breathable and light hijabs
  • Under-caps for hijabs
  • Pins for Hijab
  • Hair accessories
  • Socks
  • Light garments to wear underneath an abaya
  • Lightweight pajamas
  • Blister marks

Essential First-Aid Kit

Essential medicines and first-aid supplies are also included on the Umrah basics list. Cold and flu pills, pain relievers, travel sickness meds, cough syrups/throat lozenges, diarrhea tablets, bandages, fragrance-free sunscreen, cotton, antiseptic cream, muscle discomfort reliever creams, oral rehydration salts, and antibiotics are examples of these. Carry masks and sanitizer bottles as well to stay protected from any viruses.

Self-care essentials

Self-care needs may consist of a variety of items ranging from hygiene necessities to vanity items. These could include:

  • Towels in various sizes
  • Toothbrush Toothpaste (for Ihram, fragrance-free)
  • Shampoo and conditioner with no aroma
  • Soap without fragrance 
  • Tissues for pockets
  • Ihram fragrance-free wet wipes
  • Sanitizer for the hands
  • Hairbrush/comb (to be used only outside of the Ihram state)
  • Deodorant 
  • Small mirror
  • Nail clipper
  • a pair of little scissors
  • Shaving brushes or a shaving machine
  • sanitary napkins
  • Unscented lotion or cream
  • Bag for toiletries
  • Notepad with pen
  • Empty water bottle for refill with Zamzam as it is critical to stay hydrated all the time.
  • Accessories for sleeping (include an inflatable cushion, a bedsheet, and a sleeping bag)

Electronic gadgets

A smartphone is essential for the Umrah journey since it allows pilgrims to stay connected with their relatives and friends. However, before beginning the adventure, make sure that your cell phone is unlocked. It is also recommended to obtain local SIM cards as soon as possible. A universal travel adaptor, charger, power bank, tablet, headphones, wristwatch, and flashlight are also recommended for Umrah packing. Note that this is a spiritual journey, so be sure not to allow these gadgets to distract you. Use them only when needed.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your special trip to Makkah and make the most of it. Keep a close eye on your stuff to avoid any unfortunate situations.

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